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Published:March 31st, 2011 16:16 EST
Angie Woods is Creating Her Own Destiny

Angie Woods is Creating Her Own Destiny

By Tom Ski

Angie Woods is an enigma.  She`s an inexplicable talent that literally rose like a phoenix from some very horrific ashes in order to become the woman she is today.  Angie is one soul who could sit down and tell you one of those insanely nightmarish stories that, by the grace of God, should be fiction but it`s not. 

On April 3rd, 1978 this young woman, possessed with a strength that was barely seen by the world, was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.  At the youngest age possible, the law swept in and took Angie from her biological family`s home.  A three-year-old who was extremely malnourished Angie was, quite frankly, neglected beyond belief.  Situations such as these would cause most adults, let alone a child, to crumble.  The heart would begin to blacken and they would be looking at a very bleak future, for the simple reason that they couldn`t give up the nightmares of the past.  But for Angie, according to her foster mother, this was the time she decided to sing.  A true healing began to take place in Angie through music. 

Her foster mother was and is a kind woman who, as she grew, could see and hear the tone of courage, defiance, and a future for Angie mapped out in the world of music.  As she was raised, Angie lived in various parts of Canada through the foster family system and, yet again, found herself locked in a situation of abuse at the hands of a foster father.  In Church and her school choir, Angie`s voice lifted her (and others) to a place of freedom and peace.  The real world was simply a forgotten being when she closed her eyes and let loose a voice that could honestly reach up to the heavens for the angels, themselves, to enjoy.

At the age of twenty, Angie was able to find real freedom and struck out on her own, leaving the world of abuse far behind.  In most of these frightening stories, knowing fear and living in darkness would push the person beyond the point of breaking, with nary a chance to stand back up.  But the material that Angie is made of is richer, deeper, and stronger than any nightmare a person could deliver to her doorstep.  That layer of unbreakable material created a protective shield around her heart and soul, and made sure that nothing would ever take her out of the game. 

There is a song by Angie - many, in fact - that immediately reaches out to listeners and explains her story.  The title of this truly inspirational song is The Power Deep Inside, and once a listener hears these words set to a subtle (somewhat, haunting) melody, they feel it to their very core.  There are some who refer to Angie as the Guitar Lady which is also the name of one of her many amazing songs.  That sound of Angie`s guitar in the background accentuates her voice - frames it, as if you`re suddenly looking at a true Michelangelo masterpiece.  Angie is a mistress of music whose talents and abilities allow people to see inside of her as she passes on her strength to others through her powerful words.

Angie knows about the paying of dues and she`s certainly paid hers in full.  But at twenty-six, when moving to British Columbia, she began the payment all over again.  But this time it involved her masterful lyrics and thoughtful introspection that blew the houses down at venues like the OK Corral, Okanagon Songwriters Showcase, Blue Gator, Judge "R" Bean, Rose`s Pub, and others.  These locations may be a mystery to American listeners but are extremely well-known spots located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

One of the most amazing attributes of Angie`s is her ability to smile; she does so a great deal of the time when she sings.  She has also been blessed enough to be able to pass that smile along to her little girl.  The pride that radiates from this mom`s face as she looks at her greatest creation is undeniable, and touches your heart even more when you know that if she`d chosen to stay in the darkness, this incredible team of mother and daughter may have never come to fruition.  In fact, in many ways, Angie`s life is a true gift and she makes that loud and clear when she sings, offering her wealth of wisdom to other females and children who need someone who`ll understand.  In one song titled, Coffee Shop, Angie finds herself in just that place thinking about life - the ups and downs - and the meaning of her existence.  Another well-delivered, powerful tune that listeners will take to heart. 

The label that`s attached to Angie is country musician.  Although the label is correct, there`s a great deal of soul and folk music coming through when she sings.  Country and folk are the two styles that have always been known for telling very real, sometimes heartbreaking, stories.  Whether the focus is on love, indecision, or fear - country singers as a group have the ability to bring tears to your eyes while offering a life lesson that you`ll never forget.  And the beauty of it is that, although the lyrics can sometimes be a bit devastating, they stick.  And the music is so subtle, simple, and beautiful, that it turns a country song into your very own theme song that carries you through the darkest times and brings you out on the other side unscathed, with a wealth of wisdom that you never even knew you had.  In the end, country spurns a new appreciation for life.

Angie Woods  has already won accolades in the form of an award for her outstanding music through E.M.I. Music Publishing.  Although a huge moment for her, she was unable to appear at the ceremony.  But with the ability and talent this woman has, there will be so many red-carpet events in her future that she will most assuredly be on hand the next time.

Her Own Destiny is a song written by Angie about an abused woman who finds a way out, and her first independent album will be by the same name.  On it will include other unforgettable songs like Never Give Up Hope and State of Mind - two tracks that should already be playing on every major radio station across the globe.

Angie`s biggest influence is Terri Clark - another strong independent country singer from Canada who, among her many album releases, includes one titled, Fearless.  Other influences on her music and career include the outstanding Martina McBride and the one and only, Reba. 

The management firms that make up today`s music industry are forever searching for the next big thing. Looking for the next new artist who truly has something to inspire audiences.  Those people need to turn to Angie Woods and listen to all this incredible woman has to say.  She has followed Her Own Destiny, and her future path is still unclear.  What remains is the fact that she has a path, she has a next step and, with her words, Angie Woods has the power to give her past nightmare a very real, and much-deserved, fairy-tale ending.;!/pages/Angie-Jones/117986718270073;