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Published:March 31st, 2011 11:06 EST

Loser To Cop: I Ate Some Weed, You Know, Dog!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Texas police have charged a man with tampering with evidence for allegedly eating a mouthful of marijuana.

El Paso police arrested Richard Parker, 29, and charged him with tampering with evidence, the El Paso (Texas) Times reported.


`I ate some weed, you know, dog,` Parker allegedly told police when he was arrested Wednesday morning."


Smoking weed may give you the munchies, but this is ridiculous...

Richard Parker is a blooming idiot, now he will be charged with tampering with evidence in addition to possession of a controlled substance. The idiot even displayed the marijuana in his mouth, giving the cops an opportunity to snap a photograph.

Parker called the cop a dog, but he`s the one who behaved like a dumb dog by eating a mouthful of marijuana.

This joker isn`t typical of the average marijuana smoker, the weed lovers I know are professionals, artists, musicians, and intellectuals.

Parker was booked on a $5,000 bond. I bet he`s still in jail, a loser like him doesn`t have money for bail.

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