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Published:April 1st, 2011 10:05 EST

Bill Maher Refuses To Apologize For Calling Celeb Sarah Palin C-Word

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bill Maher is asked if he regrets calling Michele Bachmann a bimbo and Sarah Palin the `c-word` and `dumb t***`, his response:

`Well, you know, I`ve been through this so many times. There`s a lot of people in America who have, of course, nothing to do except look for something to get mad at. And I`ve been a frequent target and I`m happy to provide that service. So, you know, I always say, as I`ve said many times in these kind of situations, if I hurt somebody`s feelings, I`m always sorry about that, I`m not trying to hurt somebody`s feelings. But if you want me to say I`m sorry what I said was wrong, no, sorry, I can`t go there.`



Bill Maher seems to be channeling Sarah Palin in his incoherent answer; it`s hard to tell if he`s apologizing, refusing to apologize, or explaining string theory.

I finally understood Maher`s statement when I pretended to be Sarah Palin: Maher is refusing to apologize for using coarse language to describe Palin.

We must not lose sight of the fact that Maher is first and foremost a comedian. A comic has a wide latitude in expressing himself; don`t watch Maher`s program if you have delicate ears.

We are a nation of sissies who apologize at the drop of a hat, kudos to Maher for refusing to wimp out.

That being said, an opinion columnist, blogger or journalist should never use misogynist language to describe Palin or any other bimbo.

As far as Michele Bachmann is concerned she is a friggin` bimbo, and a journalist or comic with a modicum of integrity will call a spade a spade.

Sarah Palin is the c-word and the t-word: Clueless Twit

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