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Published:April 2nd, 2011 11:46 EST

Cocktail Waitresses Fired: Too Old. Too Fat For Sexy Uniform?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sixteen cocktail waitresses at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City were fired after being told they`re not a fit for the casino`s new sexy uniforms.

All of the 16 women who lost their jobs were middle-age, long-time employees who were happy to retain their jobs after the casino`s sale only to lose them because of their appearances in a skimpy costume.


Union officials say that Resorts is using the 1920s flapper-style uniforms as a way to get rid of older cocktail waitresses in order to cultivate a younger clientele."

I would be mortified if after a hard day at work I went to a cocktail bar to unwind, and a blue-haired old cocktail waitress wearing a skimpy uniform sashayed over to my table.

Some jobs require that an employee be fit, young and attractive. A health club would lose all of their customers if they hired overweight personal trainers, and a cocktail bar with staff of middle-aged frumpy  cocktail waitresses isn`t going to be hopping on a Saturday night.

You complain that these women aren`t being treated fair? Get real, who ever said life is fair? A cocktail waitress has a short-shelf life, and she shouldn`t complain if she`s let go because she`s too old for her occupation.

Accommodations should be made for these long-time hard-working employees, I`m sure the hotel can find other positions for them.

Watch the video at:, and you decide if these women are simply too old to be cocktail waitresses.

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