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Published:April 2nd, 2011 11:56 EST
dj megatron

DJ Megatron Killed While Looking To Score Some Weed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"DJ Megatron was shockingly gunned down this past weekend in Staten Island, N.Y., and the veil of mystery surrounding his death is being lifted.

The 32-year-old radio and TV personality, whose real name was Corey McGriff, was allegedly in the borough on early Sunday morning (March 27) to purchase marijuana and a cigar. He was speaking on his cell phone to a friend when he was shot, and while there were no eyewitnesses, three young men supposedly fled the scene. McGriff was pronounced dead on the scene shortly after 2AM." Read More

dj megatron

Marijuana, and not just for medicinal use, should be legalized. I don`t advocate anyone breaking the law, but if you are determined to buy pot, don`t go out in the middle of the night in search of some weed. Marijuana dealers aren`t the only dubious characters prowling the streets at 2AM.

I believe in doing all things in moderation, it seems to me that DJ Megatron was addicted to weed. Homeboy just had to go out at an ungodly hour of the night to purchase grass and a cigar. A blunt is l a gift from God, but his craving for one led to his untimely death.

Marijuana aficionados should exercise some commonsense, and purchase their herb from a reliable person at a decent hour.

May DJ Megatron rest in peace, hopefully he is in heaven smoking a huge blunt that would make Snoop Dogg green with envy.

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