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Published:April 2nd, 2011 21:52 EST
Time Management Miracle - The Roomba Is for Real

Time Management Miracle - The Roomba Is for Real

By Kate Zabriskie (Mentor/Consultant)

After a long day at the office, who enjoys the idea of an evening filled with housework?    What?  No hands?  Well, you won`t see me jumping at the idea of laundry, dusting, or vacuuming; that`s for sure. 

I mean, let`s face it, unless you are one of the few people in this world who finds vacuuming therapeutic, this activity in particular can be a real chore.  At least that is what I used to think until my sister turned me onto one of the miracles of modern science - THE ROOMBA.  That`s right, that vacuuming machine that makes you think "cheesy infomercial garbage" and "it will never work"  the minute you see it.                                

And that is exactly what I thought until she made me buy one the last time she came to visit.  She had just escaped with her life from a dust bunny, and then she told me, in a way that only a sister can, that my house "needed attention."

How cute, I thought.  She is single and living in a studio apartment in the city, and I have two small kids and a large house in the suburbs.  Clearly the woman had no clue about the filth of little people and the challenge of keeping up with 7000 square feet of floor space.  So to stop her misguided advice and to prove her wrong, I bought the Roomba at our local Target.

Fast forward to the big test.  "Low expectations" would be an overly generous description of what I had when I set the machine loose.  Well, readers, the good news for any of you with floors "needing attention" is that the joke was on me.  The Roomba is a time management god.  It cleans without complaining and produces a floor that looks as if a competent maid knows where you live and even visits from time to time. 

Now I am not a paid spokesperson, nor would I want to eat off of the floor, but dust bunnies beware.  You will be found and terminated.

So the Roomba is a time saver that changed my life.  In fact, I liked Roomba one so much that a week later I bought it a friend which I creatively named Roomba two.  After two weeks of the Roomba team working every day, I am an evangelist for this product.  I don`t have to do anything but hit a button, wait a few hours, and then clean them out when they fill up.

In fact, sometimes it`s even easier than that. Roomba two is the deluxe version that can wake itself up and get to work before I even walk down the stairs.   I set the other one loose in the morning right before I jump in the shower.  Then an unadvertised benefit of this product kicks in. The noise gets the kids moving. This is good because I don`t need a whistle, spatula, or any other device to get them out of their beds.

As with most products, the Roombas have some small downsides.   I would not be responsible or truthful without saying that the joys of technology do not come without a price.  Roombas cost more than a traditional push-it-yourself vacuum, and most children have little interest on surfing on a standard upright.  Moreover, most of the time regular vacuums don`t get lost.  It took me fifteen minutes to find one of Roombas in the basement the other day.  But is my small fleet of robot maids worth it?  YES.  I have not seen a lint tumbleweed in weeks.  And best of all, I can now spend my time on enjoyable activities " like ironing.

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