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Published:April 3rd, 2011 20:41 EST

Soulseeds Sowing the Seeds of Humanity

By Tom Ski

We first introduced readers two weeks ago to a fantastically beautiful company called Soulseeds.  Soulseeds is an inspirational site that offers all people a way to add positive thoughts and energy to their lives.  In the sometimes harsh world that surrounds each of us every day, we can sometimes lose ourselves in the issues and problems that exist in our world.  Soulseeds offers a way to enrich the journey that each of us take through life by offering amazingly supportive and caring online courses, products, teacher and parent resources, online journaling - which allows all members to cultivate their own ideas -  and many messages and opportunities that enable members to enhance their life.

Soulseeds is a magical place that was created from the minds of Meg & Ian Lawton.  With Soulseeds, Meg and Ian built a realm that is virtually unheard of anywhere else in the world.  They have put together a way for people to grow and `lift` their spirits through pure love and the power of positive thought.  This is a very definitive idea, seeing as that our thoughts become reality.  Before we speak them, we should sow them as we would seeds in a garden.  That way, before our thoughts and ideas become actions and reactions in our daily life, we can hone them.  If we take the time to do this, our actions and words will come from a place of truth and love, and affect other`s in a very good way. 

Soulseeds is a place during the hectic hours of life that you can turn to for happiness, eliminating the negative situations that exist.  One of the most creative and wonderful products that Soulseeds offers is the focus of this week`s article.  That product is `seeds`.  These are not seeds that exist to plant a vegetable garden in your backyard.  No, these are seeds that help and nourish the garden in your mind.  They are a way to bring about awareness that will help you to focus on making your life and the world around you a better place to live.  In doing that, you can also use that new-found kindness and truth to perhaps `Pay It Forward` to others who are desperately in need of a positive change in their lives.

If you think about it, just one mind `planted` with grace and energy can become five minds.  Then, as this gift of light and love is spread from person to person, the world could eventually turn into an immense garden of peace that would literally change the world, and get rid of all the hurtful, fearful events that are happening all around.

We are all told from a young age (hopefully) that dreaming is a wonderful thing.  And having a dream that`s BIG can change the course of your future.  Each seed of wisdom that`s `planted` in your mind offers you the strength to walk the steps to achieving your dream, and gives you the support you need so you don`t give up.  Courage, responsibility, passion these are the gifts you need in order to reach your goal, and each seed from Soulseeds comes with a remarkably positive message that can keep you on your path.

Soulseeds offers digital affirmation seeds that are created to fit a person`s specific life experience.  When you`re feeling a certain way - when you need a little `spark` to remind you that you literally enhance the world by just being in it - that`s where Soulseeds comes into play. 

Soulseeds covers all aspects of life that allow you to grow your own internal garden of peace. 

With the Seed of Compassion, a person can find the compassion within themselves that they can then pass on.  The compassionate words and deeds you show to others can literally become a font of encouragement for people who need to cultivate their own garden of peace.

The Seed of Recovery can be used to keep yourself and your spirit patient as you heal.  When an accident occurs, the recovery of your body is one thing, but the recovery of your mind and heart can give you the power to build your strength. 

There comes a time when the raising of a child into adulthood comes to an end, and they`re ready to go out on their own to accomplish their big dream.  As our children grow, we stand in front of them for protection.  As they begin to take their own steps we, as parents, stand beside them for support.  And when the day comes for them to fly, we take our places behind them - forever being there when they need to stop and turn around for a hug.  At Soulseeds, the Seed of Responsibility allows parents to make those changes, allowing the beloved creation they brought into the world to soar, while always knowing that the people who love and trust them the most are right behind them.

There are many other seeds such as, the Seed of Meaning, which offers you an awareness of your own inner wisdom.  If you are looking for meaning in life, this seed cultivates that understanding within your soul.

The Seed of Balance helps one to understand that there are times when life is simply out of your hands.  It allows you a chance to blend humility and power into one wonderful package that will keep the balance in your life.

Truth, Authenticity, Urgency, Peace - all of these seeds help you maintain a life of tranquility as you meet troubles head-on.  From parenthood to marriage to self-awareness, Soulseeds offers you a direction in life - pathways that will infuse your life with love.

Ian Lawton is a spiritual teacher of inner wisdom, divine love, deeper consciousness, oneness, peace, and abundance.  Meg Lawton is a soul dedicated to motherhood, who offers members information and humble advice when it comes to the raising and nurturing of children.  There were not two better souls more suited to this journey than the Lawton`s, and sharing Soulseeds with the rest of us is a true gift.

Over the next few weeks we will `discover` the Lawton`s amazing products that they offered to individuals, parents, and educators,  We will look into Soulseeds` e-Retreats; The Secrets of Kindness packages for Home or School; E-Mail affirmations and e-Packets which focus on delivering encouragement on a daily basis, or at specific times in your life. 

Soulseeds is literally an oasis in this somewhat big, bad world, that will take you by the hand and offer you wisdom, love, friendship, and peace. 

The seeds of humanity need to be sown.  As a people, culture, and nation, we need that spark of fire that allows us to constantly learn and grow, spreading our wisdom and kindness to others.  Perhaps by teaching the next generation to live peacefully, the seeds planted and cultivated will turn into a worldwide garden that only produces happiness.

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