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Published:April 5th, 2011 10:05 EST
Cricket Captain Makes Negative Comments Against India

Cricket Captain Makes Negative Comments Against India

By Ernest Dempsey

Answering a question of the show`s host on Samaa TV`s talk show Faisala Aap Ka (02 April, 2011), Shahid Afridi said that Indians can`t have the great, pure heart that a Muslim or Pakistani has been gifted by the God (this comment was received with clapping by the audience). He went on saying that it`s very difficult to maintain a long-term good relationship with India; that talks are not much good as history shows; that a third country wants to create tense relations between India and Pakistan.


When asked to comment on Indian media`s approach, Afridi said that Indian media`s attitude and approach has been very negative and media has played a dirty role in spoiling things between the two countries. He further said that Pakistani media was a hundred times better than the Indian media.      


Afridi has come under widespread criticism both within Pakistan and India after passing these comments. Former cricketer Amir Sohail, who frequently offers commentary on Pakistani cricket, termed Afridi`s statement immaturish and untimely ". The Times of India called Afridi`s comments bewildering, undiplomatic rant " against the culture, cricket team, people, and media of India.


Following a backlash from media in India and criticism in Pakistan, Afridi has tried to clear his position by regarding his slamming a result of misinterpretation. NDTV Sports reported Afridi claiming that his comments have been misinterpreted and used out of context. He said that he got a lot of love from his Indian fans and that media should not make a big deal of such trivia.