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Published:April 5th, 2011 17:22 EST
Obama Announces Record Money Raising Campaign for 2012!

Obama Announces Record Money Raising Campaign for 2012!

By Will Roberts

Well, it`s official! The president is going to run for re-election in 2012. 

By the time you folks read this, the President will have officially thrown his hat in the 2012 Presidential ring. Which, basically, means he can truly get a read on how he has been doing in the last two years. Come election time, all the bad and very little of the good a candidate did comes out.

Plus, they spend a pretty penny to uncover other candidates` dirt and cover up their own tracks. 

Either way, it`s going to be some of the same old President bashing TV. A reality show, " Obama - The Birther of a Nation." Sometimes, I wish that both Democrats and Republicans would pull the file at work labeled, "job description", and maybe read that aloud on the Senate floor. This way, maybe our politicians would see that they spend way too much time worrying about the other guy`s job and not enough on their own jobs. Now, I know some of you are thinking that, "Well, Will, maybe that`s their job to watch over all the other politicians` jobs?" 

I ask you folks, if you had someone at work that constantly questioned what you did, what would you do?

Now if you`re at work reading this, DON`T answer that out loud. I can tell you, most Americans would be pretty upset. We call that person a busybody or a micro manager. 

Anyhow, I can see that the silly season, that`s what we call the election season. The season starts earlier each year. I knew it kicked off the minute I saw seven of the top republicans traveling around talking to Americans, and it was confirmed when I saw Trump on TV tooting his own Trump-et about President Obama`s birth certificate. Anytime you see a man on the TV show, "The View" it must be either he has a new movie, is running for office or involved in a scandal. 

Now, Elections are like Christmas: each year they start earlier so they can get more money from you and in the end you don`t get what you wanted any way. 

So now that I have picked the bones of that bird clean, I leave one last bone to pick with our President. 

Mr. President, I think you should reconsider making your "run" into a campaign. Keep it simple, don`t raise money, don`t take donations, and don`t even make a speech about running unless it falls in the time of day you do your normal job as President. Don`t waste Americans` time with talk during the next year about things you have done in the past two years. We will take your word for it. Besides, we`ll just take what the Republicans say and reverse it. 

You get every day to talk to us free. As a matter of fact, we feel robbed if you don`t say at least a word or two a day. Seems silly, to raise all this money when all you have to do is talk to us and every once in a while throw in a "vote for me!" or, hope to see you in 2012. 

I saw the numbers and the campaign rules saying you can only collect $2,500 per supporter in this 2012 election. Now, I am not totally sure of this number, as I would never be able to write a check in that amount for anything. 

I just can`t help thinking that if you want to raise one billion dollars for your campaign that the best place to put that is in politics, and the worst place to take it from is our pockets. 

My parents used to spend a few dollars a week on lottery tickets and I remember thinking, what a waste. They could have bought a lot in a lifetime with the money they threw away. Politics, these days is an even bigger longshot. 

I am sure that some of us will be gambling on the 2012 elections, however, you seem to be the favorite; so do us a favor. Don`t buy such pretty signs, and expensive TV ads... Shoestring this one, "cause momma needs a new pair of shoes, and some healthcare!"


Your friend,



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