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Published:April 6th, 2011 23:15 EST

New York City Giant Yellow Teddy Bear: Simply A Masterpiece!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"London has Paddington Bear but New York now has a giant yellow teddy bear, a great sculptural masterpiece that could sell for more than $9 million (5 million pounds) at auction in May, Christie`s said on Saturday.


A 23-foot (7-metre) high, bronze teddy bear slumped under a black bedside lamp will be on display for five months in midtown Manhattan from next week and be a highlight of the Post-War & Contemporary sale on May 11.

The 35,000 pound (15.8 tonnes) sculpture, Untitled (Lamp/Bear), is the work of New York-based Swiss artist Urs Fischer."


The iconic giant bull on Wall Street is very impressive, but it doesn`t exactly inspire warm and cuddly feelings. The giant yellow teddy bear will inspire typically rude New Yorkers to hug strangers and burst spontaneously into Broadway show tunes.

If Michelangelo`s David could move he would bow down to the giant yellow teddy bear sculpture, and if the Mona Lisa had any eyebrows she would raise them in astonishment at the artistry of the colossal teddy bear.

The humongous bear is art at its most magnificent: It`s accessible, brilliant and cute. If I had a big enough bed, I would take it home with me so I wouldn`t have any nightmares.

Art lovers should make a special trip to New York just to marvel at this gift from God.Take the whole friggin` family to see the bear, show the kids what art is all about.

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