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Published:April 8th, 2011 00:16 EST
Bingham Willoughby:  Unveiling the Side of a True Scribe!

Bingham Willoughby: Unveiling the Side of a True Scribe!

By Tom Ski

Two weeks back we introduced readers to an amazing talent by the name of Bingham Willoughby.  This week we`re going to spotlight his first album titled, Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow.  And by the end of this unveiling, fans and followers across the globe will see this artist as a true lyrical master. 

Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow, is the debut from Bingham Willoughby released on Hurry Up Comfort Records.  This amazing compilation of songs introduces us to a singer/songwriter who is at the helm of a fantastic career that will grab the hearts, minds, and souls of listeners across the country, and catapult `Bing` into the stratosphere of performers.

When listening to the powerful yet, calming voice that delivers these amazing lyrics to the masses, there are many out there who will be reminded of the great Bob Dylan.  Others will feel as if they`re front and center on `Opening Night.`  Reason being that the way this artist mixes entertainment and `sparks` of humor with raw, heartfelt emotion, Bingham Willoughby is a lot like witnessing a blockbuster film; with ups and downs that `draw` readers in as if they were watching movie magic happen on the big screen. 

When we introduced Bingham Willoughby to readers, we briefly spoke about the fact that it`s no surprise that Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow comes across as a type of journey through Bing`s own life; the different steps he walked as he discovered his chosen path through the music world.  He spent time imbedded in the world of rock.  But out of that love and passion he holds for music, Bing soon found himself venturing into the world of acoustic performance; and began singing his incredible lyrics while accompanying himself. 

The gratification was monumental - if not a little lonely - when Bing found that he was truly a solo artist.  And by solo, he meant SOLO.  Every word, every lyric, every note he played, was like a true scribe creating an exceptional novel.  All types of emotions came from Bing`s inner-self, and with each `chapter` that he wrote, Bing eventually found himself compiling a true literary classic.  Bingham Willoughby took on the responsibility of every facet of his performance, and turned the vision of Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow into reality by being the producer, engineer, writer, performer, and singer behind its creation.

His solo process was long and in-depth, but the hard work paid off as Bingham Willoughby`s vision comes across in every single on the CD.  Listeners come away from Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow with the slight feeling of being a spy.  The emotions are so raw that, it`s as if a listener feels like they were brought into Bing`s world and watched as he created his masterpiece.  Bing`s amazingly different and `new` voice makes these songs come across as if he`s sitting down and having a one-on-one conversation as he tells his tale.  In Bing`s own words:  I think of my songs as a two way dialogue between myself and the listener, and I place the utmost value in what the listener interprets the songs to mean. Conclusion?  His fans are truly an integral part of the actual creation. 

A perfect example of this occurs in the video of What If You`d Chosen Me.  Offering a myriad of nature shots, the viewer actually feels as if they, too, are traveling the `path` with Bing.  There are numerous shots of natural and urban life in this amazing video.  And included in this lovely `nature` feel are the images of a guitar `racing` back and forth on the floor of a forest, which will remind some of Salvador Dali and his surrealist paintings.  A creation such as this is amazing, considering this one artist can lead you through so many levels of `perception` during this unique and memorable song.

As we take a look at the tracks - chapters that this amazing novelist created - we delve into the literary side of this true scribe:

Sweet Talk is one song that is pure self-examination by this rock-poet.  It is the definitive Overture before the curtain parts - introducing Bingham Willoughby to listeners, and to the fact that they are about to enter a world of adventure and fun leading up to a huge finish.

Along the journey, with each step we take, the lyricist hones his own instrument.  The vocals that come along with songs like Evil Words, My Swan Song, Little Cloud, Amber, Friends, and others, is immaculate.  Bing`s voice is that roller-coaster we spoke of earlier in the article - offering highs and lows that make the listener want to clap or throw roses on the stage as if they were in that type of venue.

Romance and intrigue are two of the favorite genres in the publishing world and will be for the rest of time.  Being personal and delving into the hearts of others, Bing captures listeners with songs like, The North Light and Some Will Build.  The romance and intrigue in each and every track explode in many ways.  Feeling almost as if you are in that grand theatre right before Intermission, Bingham Willoughby presents these heartfelt songs that will keep you in your seat begging for more.

The lyrics that comprise the eloquent, When Is Long Enough and It Happened By Chance, are the tracks that announce the poet inside Bingham Willoughby`s soul, and will absolutely convince fans it`s no lie that Bing is related to the poet Richard Lovelace, a seventeenth century Cavalier and metaphysical poet.

When we come to the end - the grand finale - Bingham Willoughby, the scribe, offers up the perfect Epilogue that `sews up` Bing`s first `novel` perfectly, and pronounces him a future star in the music world.  This track is titled, After The World, and it`s the climax of all the emotions that Bing has residing in his poetic-self.  Illumination, inspiration these are words that will flood the listeners` mind when they close Bing`s `book` or, more aptly, they will replay every track in order to relive Bingham Willoughby`s passion again and again. 

Good music exists in the world today, as we know.  Great music is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.  But remarkable music that not only intoxicates the soul but makes the listener want to play the CD again, and again, and again is almost non-existent.  Which is why Bingham Willoughby`s incredible journey can not be over.  This is one musical `novelist` who definitely needs to turn his bestselling book into a series.


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