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Published:April 7th, 2011 12:51 EST

Pop Tart Paris Hilton Sued By Damiani Jewelry For Not Returning Jewelry

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Will Paris Hilton ever learn? The latest on the `socialite`? She refuses to return around $60,000 in jewelry she borrowed from Damiani jewelry. The stash of jewels was stolen from Hilton`s mansion two years ago, but recovered in 2009. But since then, Hilton`s failed to return the jewelry - and now Damiani is suing her in order to get them returned"


New York Magazine

The heiress has enough money to buy a chain of jewelry stores; I don`t understand why the pop tart borrows jewelry. What`s even more perplexing is why Damiani jewelry would let the pop diva borrow $60,000 in precious stones.

It`s de rigueur for pop tarts to borrow/steal expensive trinkets. Lindsay Lohan is in peril of going back to jail for walking away from a jewelry store with a necklace without bothering to pay for it.

Sixty thousand is chump change for Hilton, as is the tens of thousands it will cost the besotted pop star to defend herself. But Hilton considers it money well spent because it keeps her name in the news. Anything to keep up with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, and Amy Winehouse.

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