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Published:April 7th, 2011 18:28 EST
The NFL Lockout: More Drama than a Daytime Soap Opera

The NFL Lockout: More Drama than a Daytime Soap Opera

By Ron G Anselm


All of us fans have been sitting on the edge our seats ever since the last NFL season ended wondering if there will there be a NFL season next year? Well, the answering is moving in more of a negative direction since all thirty-two owners in the NFL had enough with the player`s drama and decided to lock them out. This means for now nothing happens. The players cannot keep drawing those astronomical paychecks during the off season for hitting golf balls on the local driving range and even worse they cannot workout at any of the team facilities which means those beer guts may keep growing larger until this problem is resolved.

I may sound a little frustrated about this and I know millions of other fans are too, heck, even one fan sued the NFL for the recent lockout, not sure if he won anything or not but I liked his idea. The reason is the players don`t suffer, they just cry like whiners because they want a cut of the extra billion dollars the owners have fell back asswards into to add to their already millions and millions of dollars they make for playing professional football.  Not to mention the massive amounts of money they get for endorsements with big sporting goods companies, magazines, and certain large corporations.


We the fans are the ones that give them the money. We are the reason they are playing football and making all that money because we support them, buy NFL tickets and the expensive team merchandise and puts lots of money in their pockets. I mean on top of this they make a lot of money, gee, isn`t ten million dollars over three years enough to play football on? Or, do they need more to buy another mansion and high-priced sports car?


I look at it this way, they better settle this and come up with a way to dry their eyes and act like men and make sure at all cost we do have an NFL season next year. I didn`t recently buy my fifty inch plasma television to watch reruns of Designing Women, I bought it to have the same view from my front livingroom as if I was sitting on the fifty-yard line at the game.


Don`t get me wrong, I am the biggest sports fan that ever lived. I used to eat, drink, sleep, and talk sports all the time and played every sports imaginable but I am tired of hearing about money, money, money from the players and the NFL. If I had the chance to play professional football and I very well could have, I would have played for pennies just because I love the game that much.


It seems nowadays we do not have the players playing for the love of the game like we did in the 1970`s era of sports. Guys like Bradshaw, Stabler Hamm, Sistrunk, and a boat load of others would take hits as if they were running dead on into traffic on the 405 freeway, get back up looking for their front teeth that just got knocked out and run back to the huddle as if nothing happened. Of course there wasn`t a lot of rules back then to protect the players like we have now. So, there were hits like that back then but these guys didn`t care, they played for a lot less money and played for the love of the game. I miss that.


The latest on the NFL lockout is the Federal Judge that is presiding over the case has called for a lunch break until Wednesday when the hearings are supposed to resume. The players are asking Judge Susan Richard Nelson who is the judge overseeing the hearings, to impose an injunction on the case. This would slow down or even stop the lockouts and let business as usual in the off season of the NFL keep moving forward with player signings and free agent signings. I say no, do not impose any type of injunction to let the players sign those multimillion dollar contracts until this whole mess and drama is resolved.


The NFL players union collective-bargaining agreement with the NFL expired last month and as a result of the poor player and owners negotiations the player`s certificate was taken away and the owners locked them out.


Attorney Jim Quinn who is the attorney representing the players in this ordeal has pleaded to Judge Nelson that she has the power to go ahead and implement the injunction to a clause of irreparable harm " because as of now there are about eight-hundred unsigned players that are not drawing any paychecks due to the hearings and unresolved labor dispute issues and those same players cannot start their NFL conditioning programs with their future teams because they have not been able to sign as of yet with any team due to the ongoing drama.


Quinn went on to say to Judge Nelson, "It can be decided right here in this courtroom," (L.A. Times, 2011) he was referring to with the recent players union certificate being taken away to not have it be reviewed by the slow moving NFL Labor Relations Board.


One of the things Quinn is trying to change is to have the players not be represented by the union anymore because if they are, they will continue being locked out. Quinn argued the matter is an anti-trust issue: "In the blink of an eye, all 32 owners got together and said they`re not going to sign one of our players." (L.A. Times, 2011)


From the other side of the coin the attorney representing the NFL, David Boies stated for Judge Nelson to consider the National Labor Relations Board jurisdiction and referred the reasoning behind his consideration to a Federal Labor Act that supposedly bars any federal court from imposing any injunction on lockouts.


This court battle has more punches be thrown back and forth than the Leonard-Hearns fight did back in the day of boxing. At least they could agree upon where the punches landed, this courtroom drama can`t even agree on who`s turn is it to buy the next round of coffee and donuts. Unbelievable!


Judge Nelson advised she would take his advice under consideration an rule on it in the next couple of days after the courtroom`s lunch break. Nelson also fired back at Boise which put him immediately on the defensive stating that she does have the right to impose an injunction if she wants to. The NFL has called the players` decertification a "sham," the point said he believes is best to be settled by the NLRB. (L.A. Times, 2011)


Nelson has brought her point to both sides stating that she has done extensive research on this case and stated that "We have a group of players who didn`t want to be a union in 1993," Nelson said to . "The players wanted to be protected and said then if the NFL wouldn`t bargain in good faith, they`d decertify. I don`t think that fits the model you`re describing." (L.A. Times, 2011)


Boies then fired back at Nelson stating it does not matter if the players labor union certificate that was taken away was a surprise or if it was not a surprise that it doesn`t affect how it will go up against the labor act.


Sounds like Nelson and Boise need to put on some boxing gloves and settle this in the ring. So, with that; the Nelson and Boise drama continues and so does the anxiety for the football fan to see if they should buy that cozy lounge chair and practice putting on their game face for next year`s NFL season, or will there be one? The drama continues "







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