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Published:April 9th, 2011 10:34 EST

Bill Cosby Hates On Donald Trump: Run Or Shut Up

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bill Cosby to Donald Trump: `You run or you shut up.`


Iconic comedian and actor Bill Cosby let fly at Donald Trump on the TODAY Show, telling host Meredith Vieira that Trump was `full of it.`"

Bill Cosby is as relevant as a VCR and a Sony Walkman. The comic may be an iconic figure (read: old fossil), but I wish he would shut up.

Cosby makes an outrageous statement every once in a while, so that his fans will know that he isn`t dead yet.

Cosby`s advice to Donald Trump applies to all the GOP presidential hopefuls, not one of the cowards has unequivocally declared he`s running for president. Maybe Cosby is picking on Trump, because he`s jealous that the gazillionaire is as successful a TV star as he was back in the 80s.

Trump may be full of himself, but he`s not full of it. Trump is talking about an issue, that everybody else is too cowardly to talk about: Obama`s missing birth certificate.

Just this morning on Fox News I heard Mike Huckabee say that he doesn`t care where Obama was born, he cares where Obama is taking the country. How can Huckabee not care where Obama was born, if he wasn`t born in Hawaii then he`s the biggest fraud in American history.

Even though I`m a far-left liberal, I`d rather vote for Trump than Obama or Huckabee. I`d rather have a loud-mouth tycoon in the Oval Office than a man who may not have been born in the United States or a man who is too timid to speak truth to power.

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