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Published:April 10th, 2011 21:12 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Jim Mathis, Author of Reinvent Yourself: The Simple Steps To Dominate Your Market

Judyth Piazza chats with Jim Mathis, Author of Reinvent Yourself: The Simple Steps To Dominate Your Market

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Moamar Mathis says, "Every day we are confronted with the changes that have taken place. We are in a different environment than just two years ago.  If people and companies don`t reinvent themselves now, they could soon become extinct!"

Don`t believe it?  Look at companies like Circuit City, Blockbuster, and Borders Books.  Look at countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.  In today`s world competition is fierce and thanks to technology, people have massive power right in the palm of their hands. It`s a world of extremes; economic crises partnered with technology more accessible and advanced than ever before.  And because of just a simple click, the way we live our lives and do business, will never be the same again!

Mathis suggests that business leaders take a good strong look at themselves before the same fate happens to them, and suggests they take the following actions steps:

1.            Take a good look at your sales.  Are people buying what you`re selling?  Then consider, maybe it`s not your marketing that`s not working, maybe it`s what you`re selling. 

2.            Take a good look at your environment.  Ask yourself what changes you`ve seen in in your business, in your industry, in your competition in the last two years. 

3.            Take a good look at your leadership.  Who are the key people in your organization?  Are they helping you and the organization move forward or are they holding you back? 

4.            Take a good look at your obstacles.  Identify the walls in your business, that is; those things that are holding you back.  Ask why.

5.            Take a good look at the opportunities:  What is it that people are buying right now?  Where are the opportunities in the marketplace.


Running an organization isn`t easy.  It takes... 



Jim Mathis is the Reinvention Strategist and Chief Irritation Officer of Reinvention Nationâ„¢ a community dedicated to everything reinvention in a new and different economy.

He is an international Certified Speaking Professional, author and founder of The Mathis Group, a Southeastern-based consultant group providing products and services that drive market leadership.

Mathis works across industry lines to use common-sense approaches to solving the challenges that companies and organizations face in the new world of work.  His delivery style has you laughing one minute, writing down a thought the next and thinking your way out of the room. He is both humorous and provocative. His style is anything but dull and boring!   For more information go to