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Published:April 10th, 2011 11:18 EST

Would You Wear A License Around Your Neck At A Dog Park?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A proposal that would require humans using an Illinois dog park to wear a license around their necks has some area residents growling.

Officials of the Kane County Forest Preserve District near Aurora are proposing charging an annual fee to use the parks and requiring visitors to wear a permit attached to a lanyard to prove they paid." UPI


I would be growling mad if the dog park where I play with my pooches required me to wear a license around my neck. I think it`s a doggone bad idea, and I`m not surprised that dog lovers in Illinois are howling in protest.

My three-year-old pit bull runs ahead of me, folks often comment that it looks like my dog is walking me. With a license around my neck it would complete the image; everybody would know who the master is. Might as well force dog owners to wear a license and rabies tags around their necks.

If this foolish proposal becomes law it will discourage pet owners from taking their dogs to the dog park. As a result folks will walk their dogs in their neighborhoods, and more residents will complain about dogs pooping in their yards.

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