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Published:April 11th, 2011 11:41 EST

Pop Tart Amy Winehouse: Godmother Of The Year!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Winehouse advised her goddaughter not to be "too cheesy" or too much like Pavarotti when she was recording her new album.

The British singer helped launch the career of Dionne Bromfield in 2009, when she released her debut record. The 15-year-old is signed to Amy`s record label, and is now back with a new release called Good for the Soul.


`Lyric wise, she told me, `You don`t want to be too cheesy, you don`t want to be like Steps.` And I was like, `OK then!` And she was like, `But you don`t want to be too classical like Pavarotti,` Dionne laughed to Newsbeat."

Pop tart Amy Winehouse has turned her life around, she`s taken up gardening, keeps her house spotless, plans on marrying a decent young man, and she`s even taking her job as a godmother seriously.

The talented chanteuse has given some invaluable advice to her 15-year-old protege: Don`t be cheesy! A cheesy pop star is worse than a diabolical serial killer.

I`d understand if Dionne didn`t take advice from her godmother when it comes to dating, but when the subject is music the youngster would be well-advised to listen to the five-time Grammy winner.

I`d never thought I`d be saying this but Amy Winehouse deserves to be Godmother of the Year.

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