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Published:April 11th, 2011 11:15 EST

Sarah Palin Is History! Donald Trump And Bachmann New Tea Party Favorites

By Robert Paul Reyes

"While we were all falling for John Boehner`s head fakes last week, a poll was released that probably deserved more attention than it received. After all, it contained the strongest evidence yet that Sarah Palin has been thoroughly and completely marginalized as a national political force.


The NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey found the former Alaska governor`s popularity at all-time low, with just 25 percent of Americans expressing a positive opinion of her -- and 53 percent a negative one. This was the worst score for any of the American politicians measure."

Steve Kornacki/Salon.

Sarah Palin is past her expiration date, she`s dead meat. Her fifteen minutes of fame will continue to tick, but her political career is over.

Palin has destroyed her presidential aspirations by making a series of idiotic comments. The former beauty queen`s biggest mistake was her response to the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, in which she she showed little sympathy for Giffords and the other victims -- she was too focused on herself.

While Palin has been busy shooting herself in the foot, Michelle Bachmann and Donald Trump have stolen the affections of the true believers.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may be loonier than a duck on crack, but she`s a real politician who knows how to play the political game. The representative for Minnesota`s 6th congressional district is the new favorite of the Tea Party crowd, they`ve abandoned the prima donna Palin.

Gazillionaire Donald Trump may have an ego bigger than God, but he`s got name recognition, oodles of money, and his family jewels are as big as bowling balls. Trump is the only politician with the boldness to make an issue of Obama`s missing birth certificate.

In an attempt to recapture her base Palin praised Donald Trump for bringing up the issue, but it`s too little to late. The infatuation with Palin is over! Long Live Palin the celebrity. May Palin the politician rest in peace.

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