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Published:April 12th, 2011 13:21 EST

Donald Trump Fires Back At Bill Cosby! Don't Mess With The Donald!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The feud that erupted between Donald Trump and Bill Cosby last week shows no signs of subsiding. The legendary actor-comedian lit into the business mogul about his presidential aspirations last Thursday when both appeared on TODAY, saying `run or shut up.` And now Trump has fired back, saying he was dumbstruck by Cosby`s pointed comments because he believed the two were friends.


In a written statement, Trump said: `I was surprised to hear him blabber, somewhat incoherently, `you run or shut up.` The hatred was pouring out of his eyes.

`If he doesn`t`t want me to run because he`s obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not come into my green room in front of numerous witnesses and treat me like his best friend,` Trump`s statement continued."

Cosby`s advice to Donald Trump to "run or shut up" applies to all the GOP presidential hopefuls, not one of the cowards has unequivocally declared he`s running for president. The old relic is picking on Trump, because he`s jealous that the gazillionaire is as successful a TV star as he was back in the 80s.

Cosby is focusing his fury on Trump, because he regards the tycoon as Obama`s most formidable Republican challenger. Trump is right, the ageing comic should be forthright, and explain that his animosity towards Trump stems from his devotion to Obama.

Trump was relatively muted in response to Cosby`s vitriol. To say that Cosby babbles incoherently is like stating that the sky is blue. Cosby`s default mode is to babble incoherently to the consternation of everyone within earshot of the old goat. Now that Cosby is 73-freaking-years-old it takes an expert in speech pathology to understand the old coot.

Cosby was a fool to tangle with Trump, the real estate king doesn`t take any tomfoolery from Obama or from has-been entertainers.

My advice to Cosby: Shut up and run away from The Donald!

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