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Published:April 13th, 2011 13:48 EST

Amy Winehouse Rocks The Muffin Top Look!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"At the height of her troubles there were huge concerns not just for her well-being but for her dangerously skinny frame too.

Having been clean for over a year, Amy Winehouse has been looking much healthier in recent months, her skin brighter, her body and face filling out.


But while it`s fantastic to see Amy looking healthy and well again, she may want to update her wardrobe - to some larger sizes."

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Amy Winehouse has undergone a miraculous transformation, she`s given up booze and drugs and taken up gardening and housekeeping.

Amy looks like the girl next door, that is if the girl who lives next to you has a mile-high beehive hairdo. A gentleman no longer has to be embarrassed about introducing the pop diva to his blue-haired grandmother.

Amy no longer has the physique of a crack head, she`s put on some weight, and I`m not talking about her huge fake boobs. But one of Amy`s friends needs to tell girlfriend to update her wardrobe to a larger size.

There are two fashion mistakes that a lady must never, I mean never, make: The camel*** and the muffin top stomach roll. This is a family Web site, I will refrain describing a camel***, but a muffin top stomach is when a woman`s jeans are so tight that there`s a roll of stomach fat over her waistband.

Amy we are proud of your healthy new look, but in the name of everything that`s holy please buy buy some larger size jeans.

Click on the Daily Mail link to see the copyrighted pics of Amy`s roll of stomach fat.

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