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Published:April 13th, 2011 16:54 EST
Judyth Piazza and Len Richmond Discuss The Documentary Film: What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?

Judyth Piazza and Len Richmond Discuss The Documentary Film: What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

An American from Santa Monica, California, Len Richmond created one of England`s most successful sitcoms.

"Agony" won the Banff International Television Festival as "Best Situation Comedy" (beating out "Mash" and "Taxi"). It has been turned into a best-selling book (Arrow) and home video (W.S. Smith). It`s American spin-off, "The Lucie Arnaz Show", ran on CBS.

"Agony", about the tribulations of a magazine advice columnist, was recently revived by the BBC with all new episodes ("Agony Again"). It has been broadcast in 21 countries - including twice on PBS. The series was nominated for numerous British Emmys and Writer`s Guild Awards, and won the AGLA Media Award for the "Responsible portrayal of its gay and lesbian characters".

Len also created the highly rated British comedy series "Split Ends" (Granada Television), set in a trendy, London hair salon.

In the United States, he wrote for the long-running ABC sitcom "Three`s Company".

His stage play, "Risky Kisses", a critical success in London, was followed by a national British tour, as well as productions in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, and Paris. It is currently being developed as a feature by Granada Films.

Working and living in Paris, Len created the French TV detective series "Le Chinois" (co-written with French mystery writer Delacorte). It starred Charles Aznavour.

Len recently wrote and directed his first independent feature film. "A Dirty Little Business" (Amazing Movies) stars Michael York and Beverly D`Angelo, with an original musical score by Erasure. The newly released DVD is distributed by Think Film.

As a London journalist, Len writes regularly for Cosmopolitan, Punch, Forum, Penthouse, and Time Out magazines. He is co-editor of "The Gay Liberation Book" (Ramparts Press), and "The New Gay Liberation Book" (Ramparts Press). His film reviews are featured in "The Time Out Film Guide" (Penguin Books), his humorous writings reprinted in "The Pick of Punch" (Hutchinson), and his celebrity profiles appear in "Time Out Interviews" (Penguin Books).

"Fun With Dick And Maryjane" is his first novel.



"AGONY was easily the funniest English situation comedy to have turned up in years. The wise-cracking was of a very high order and occasionally the scripts by Len Richmond were genuinely witty."

"AGONY is witty, fast-moving, and confident. Len Richmond reveals a sharpness of comic invention we don`t often see these days."

"The script by Len Richmond is a kind of comedy much commoner in America, but a script as good as this is not too common anywhere."
-Nancy Banks-Smith, THE GUARDIAN

"AGONY by Len Richmond is stylish, heartless, and immensely funny."
  -Peter Buckman, THE LISTENER

"AGONY cuts to the bone of human relations. And it strikes a rich vein in comedy. It`s the most refreshing, frank, and funny thing on TV.
-NEWSDAY (New York)

"RISKY KISSES is an out and out sophisticated comedy, making Len Richmond a firm nominee as London`s answer to Neil Simon"

"Len Richmond`s play really glitters."

"Len Richmond`s comedy is brilliant."

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