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Published:April 13th, 2011 11:54 EST

Video: Outrage! TSA Thug Gropes A 6-Year Old Girl! Napolitano Must Go!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The family of the 6-year-old girl who received a pat down at airport security in New Orleans said today there needs to be a different screening process for children.

A video of the couple`s daughter going through the screening went viral on the Internet, getting thousands of views on sites like YouTube. It shows a TSA agent rubbing the young girl`s inner thighs and running her fingers inside the top of the girl`s blue jeans.


The Drexels said they stood powerless, watching as their daughter was patted down."


I understand that the Drexels feel frustrated, humiliated, and violated, but before I blast the TSA I must condemn them for allowing their little girl to be sexually violated right in front of their eyes.

The Drexels claim they were powerless, watching their child groped by an adult. They should have refused to let their daughter be sexually assaulted. Was there desire to reach their destination on time greater than their concern for their daughter?

We are a nation of wimps, refusing to stand up for our constitutional rights as we allow TSA thugs to sexually molest us and our children. The constitution protects us from unreasonable search and seizure, we should only allow a lover or a physician to touch our private parts.

We must focus our ire at the head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, but the TSA agents aren`t blameless. We must make their lives as miserable as possible, these jerks are getting away with murder. The Nazi guards in the concentration camp couldn`t justify their atrocities by claiming that they were just following orders, and the TSA agents can`t excuse molesting children by claiming that Big Sis Napolitano says it`s OK.

I won`t worry any more about terrorists blowing up a blame, I know that the TSA goons are keeping us safe by sexually assaulting little girls.

Wake up America! In the name of fighting terrorism the government is trampling on our constitutional rights.

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