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Published:April 15th, 2011 12:56 EST

Jesse Jackson Gay? Gay Employee Sues Rev. For Sexual Harassment

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A spokesman for the Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday denied a claim from a man who says he was fired from the civil rights leader`s Rainbow PUSH Coalition because he is gay.

Tommy R. Bennett filed a complaint with the city of Chicago`s Commission on Human Relations last year, alleging Jackson fired him unjustly and that the civil rights leader forced him to perform "uncomfortable" tasks, including escorting various women to hotel rooms to meet Jackson for sex.


Bennett claims he worked for PUSH starting in July 2007, and was both an organizer and Jackson`s travel assistant. In his complaint, Bennett - who also goes by the name `Aruba Tommy` - said he experienced discrimination almost immediately, including from a woman at PUSH who refused to work for him because of his sexual orientation, according to the complaint.

Bennett also claims he was forced to escort women for Jackson into hotel rooms - and later clean up the rooms."

Jesse Jackson is a race-monger who profits from racial division. Every time there is an incident with racial undertones, he jumps in the middle, especially if there are cameras around, and makes the situation a hundred times worse.

If peace and love broke out between the races, and everybody held hands and sang Kumbaya, Jesse Jackson would be devastated.

I feel sorry for Bennett, what a thankless job having to clean up Jackson`s hotel room after he`s had sex with one of his mistresses. There should be a cleaner who follows the reverend all around the country, calming things down after he has inflamed passions.

Jackson has had numerous affairs, and he has fathered at least one child with a mistress. But this is the first time that a man has alleged that Jackson hit on him. Bennett claims that one time in a hotel room Jackson asked him if he would mind rubbing cream on his inner thighs.

Jackson is a colossal hypocrite, he`s a minister who counsels children, not to get pregnant, and to stay in school. The man of God gets almost as much action as Charlie Sheen.

But at least Jackson isn`t one of those Baptist ministers who demonizes homosexuals, but has boyfriends on the side. To his credit Jackson has long advanced the cause of gay rights.

If Jackson is bi-sexual he should man up, and come out of the closet. Jesse Jackson is a fraud, but he can start making amends by marching in the next gay pride parade as a proud homosexual or bi-sexual.

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