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Published:April 15th, 2011 10:05 EST
Lions, Tigers and HAIR! The Silly Season Has Started!

Lions, Tigers and HAIR! The Silly Season Has Started!

By Will Roberts


It`s funny how in a moment`s notice things can change. Sometimes I think that Washington and our politicians are like teenagers. One minute they like this person, then this person is talking about this person, so they can`t like this person. Their likes and dislikes shift like the wind.

I am talking about these crazy antics in the Republican side of Washington and their struggle to find their candidates for the run for President. So, this is the earliest I have called this, but here I go! It`s the official start of the silly season! We tried to hold it off as long as we could. But this season is like Xmas season to retailers. By the way, I anticipate Xmas will be bumped back to Oct. When retailers get wind that early political money is floating around they are going to want to throw the Xmas shopping season in before politician start begging Americans for their money. And before all the billions are dumped into TV and billboard ads.

So, the biggest and most unbelievable news comes from the straw poll of who is going to be the Republican Presidential nominee. SIDE NOTE: in case you don`t know where the term "Straw Poll" came from... It basically refers to "how the straw blows" at that moment, "flavor of the month". And, here`s the kicker; this may be different as you read this, because the wind may have changed. However, yesterday I saw a poll that said that Trump was tied with Romney! Now, I don`t know about you folks, but that to me means that folks, Republican folks, are really grasping for STRAWS...
Pun intended.

I also saw something about Tim Polente, from Minnesota, maybe throwing in his hat as well. I am guessing with the news that Trump may be serious about running for President, just about everyone who thought they did not think they had a snowball`s chance in winning will be throwing in a bid for this office. Maybe this cowboy should consider a run, or maybe I like working for the circus instead; I already know I who the clowns are. On the other hand, Washington takes itself too seriously... I mean they do, the politicians; the voters don`t. I don`t think I could ever run for office, "cause I never want folks to take me seriously. The minute they do, I have failed my job as a humorist. Besides, I don`t have much of an education, I only work off common sense, which OVER qualifies me for any job as a politician.

This is the looniest kick off I have ever seen for the start of campaign season.
You folks in Washington better be careful, you are liable to get to be popular this election season purely on the fact that Americans LOVE a good wacky reality show. Mainly "cause they are so odd that folks don`t think folks could really live that way and that is the way this silly season election is heading. Don`t be surprised if candidates start coming out of the woodwork ... Here we go!

Your friend,

Will Roberts


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