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Published:April 15th, 2011 10:14 EST
The Evolution of Sheila Swift:  From Pop Maven to Rock Superstar!

The Evolution of Sheila Swift: From Pop Maven to Rock Superstar!

By Tom Ski

In Houston there dwells an artist who has lived one heck of a first `Act.`  And with each step taken in her life, she`s been climbing her very own "Stairway to Heaven."  These decisions - these steps - will one day place her in the history books as one of the best entertainers to ever grace the music scene. 

Using the "Stairway to Heaven" reference is not an error in judgment, seeing as that the evolution of this almost mystical performer and her band is quite similar to the `rise` that The Yardbirds once accomplished.  Who is that, you ask?  Begging the forgiveness of the massive rock-and-roll fans around the globe as I explain this to everyone else - The Yardbirds was once the name of the great and mighty Led Zeppelin, led by the master-artist, Robert Plant.  And, just as he and that band evolved into a household name, Sheila Swift is following the same path, as she extends herself from the world of `pop` and enters the thrilling world of rock-and-roll. 

In 2007, Sheila Swift released a fantastic album called The Shape of Things, which won her the Rockwired Female Artist of the Year Award.  The songs included on this pop album were bathed in optimism, and left the listener feeling somewhat awe-inspired by her wonderful voice and heartfelt lyrics.  Sheila Swift has been known to own a cheery disposition, and has the great ability to offer a smile to everyone she meets.  Considering the courage that she`s used to get her through a somewhat scary and tragic event when she was younger, Sheila`s `sunny` demeanor is a bit of a mystery in and of itself.  But she proved with The Shape of Things that Sheila held a deep love and appreciation for life, and she `gifted` that to her listeners.

This prolific writer with a powerhouse voice has many sides to her, as all great performers always do.  The `take it or leave it` side - the true survivor role that she`s played - is also a huge part of who Sheila Swift truly is and after The Shape of Things, a metamorphosis began to take place within her very soul. 

As with all other facets of this amazing woman`s life, Sheila Swift soon found herself on a slightly new path that would lead her to venues such as the Whiskey and the Cat Club, located on the fast-paced and unforgettable strip in Los Angeles, California.  Not only does Sheila Swift remind one of the very talented legend Robert Plant, but she also has a band backing her up that Led Zeppelin would be proud to call friends.  As they are knee-deep in a new album which offers the same depth and emotion as her foray into `pop,` Sheila Swift has found a newfound rock edginess that calls out to the Zeppelin fan in all of us.

With her amazing gift and `raw` appeal, Sheila Swift seems to be headed in the direction of the great Robert Plant who, to this day,  still has a multitude of fans who seem to be hanging on his every word.  Sheila Swift, like Plant, has the enduring ability to draw listeners into her world, and these fans will certainly stay on board for the ride as Sheila maintains the peoples` curiosity by making them wonder what she`ll come up with next.  Swift`s vocals also mirror Plant`s in that compelling edginess that allows fans to feel alive, as they listen to poetic lyrics and try to solve the unfathomable mystery that surrounds Sheila`s words and actions.

In 1966, Robert Plant came on the scene and formed a group of his own called The Band of Joy which then led Plant to the indelible Yardbirds, with him at the helm as lead singer.  Changing their name in 1968 heralded the birth of Led Zeppelin, which included the literal greats of the Rock world:  Jimmy Page (guitarist); John Paul Jones (bassist); and, John Bonham (drummer). 

Led Zeppelin was a sheer anomaly.  They had a heavy, guitar-driven, blues-rock sound that literally transcended any one specific music genre.  Following in their footsteps, Sheila Swift is looking at a journey that would mirror that of Robert Plant, and the band that is still widely considered to be one of the most successful, innovative, and influential bands in the history of rock music. Led Zeppelin have sold over two-hundred million albums worldwide, making them one of the best-selling music artists of all time.  Zeppelin`s original studio albums all reached the top ten of the Billboard album chart in the United States - with six reaching the number one spot.  And tag lines that have been given to Zeppelin over the years by Rolling Stone include: the heaviest band of all time, the biggest band of the `70s, and unquestionably one of the most enduring bands in rock history. It certainly wouldn`t be a surprise to see Sheila Swift so honored one day.

With Sheila Swift`s voice, lyrics, and sheer hard-driven personality, she could very well end up in the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame.  Perhaps she will even garner a similar description given to Zeppelin in the 1970`s, as being as influential in that decade as The Beatles were in the prior one.  In fact, let the record show, that Sheila Swift is well on her way to achieve this dream, and conquer the `rock-and-roll` landscape in the 2000`s and beyond. 

Robert Plant - Sheila`s mentor in a number of ways - is still going strong.  Although the  Led Zeppelin era ended in 1980 when John Bonham passed away, Plant has recorded many solo projects and collaborated with a host of colorful accomplices. He and Jimmy Page renewed their long-time partnership in 1995 to create the `No Quarter` project.  With this particular metamorphosis, they created everything from North African to Egyptian and New Wave folk sounds.

Sheila Swift is just that type of energized and fantastic individual when it comes to her own music and her future.  With Sheila, she, too, has the ability and talent to change like a chameleon, enhancing the music world with everything she has, and allowing her fan base to grow and grow as she takes them on the ride of their lives.

The amazing Robert Plant once said:  I think that passion and love and pain are all bearable, and they go to make music beautiful.  When it comes to the incredible Sheila Swift, she uses the pain, passion, and love that she`s had to bear, in order to walk a path of musical beauty that combines the essence of life with the thrilling world of hard-edged rock-and-roll.

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