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Published:April 16th, 2011 14:20 EST

Jesse Jackson In Hiding After He's Sued For Sexual Harassment By Gay Man

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A former employee of Jesse Jackson Sr. has filed a wrongful termination and discrimination case against Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

In the complaint, filed with Chicago`s Commission on Human Rights, Tommy R. Bennett alleges that Jackson fired him unjustly because he is gay, and that the civil rights leader forced him to perform `uncomfortable` tasks."


Those "uncomfortable" tasks included escorting Jackson`s mistresses to their hotel rooms, and cleaning up the hotel rooms after they serviced the man of God.

Bennett also alleges that Jackson asked him to perform oral sex on him -- uncomfortable task indeed.

Whenever there`s a case of racial or sexual discrimination, Jackson is on it like white on rice. The good reverend loves the spotlight, the only thing that he likes better than having sex with mistresses is blowing hot air before a bunch of cameras.

But Jackson must be hiding in a closet, he hasn`t made a public appearance since this scandal broke. The man of the cloth issued a denial through a spokesperson, but he hasn`t uttered a word in his defense in public.

The hypocrisy of a Christian preacher committing adultery is the issue, not the fact that Jackson may a bisexual or a homosexual. Jackson is a fraud and a hypocrite; it boggles the mind that anyone takes this clown seriously.

To his credit Jackson has been a defender of gay rights for a long time, if he is a homosexual he should come out of the closet.

Jackson, stop being such a coward. If you are innocent of the battery of charges filed against you, defend yourself in public.

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