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Published:April 16th, 2011 13:30 EST

Top Ten Best Things About A Donald Trump Presidential Administration

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A top adviser for President Obama dismisses him as a `sideshow.` Former Bush adviser Karl Rove calls him a `joke candidate.`

But that hasn`t stopped Donald Trump, who has captured national attention with his outspoken skepticism of Obama`s citizenship, from surging in early presidential polls. He leads all potential GOP presidential candidates by nine points in a Public Policy Polling survey released Friday. He trailed only Mitt Romney in a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released last week."


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Donald Trump has the charisma, name recognition, gravitas, money,cojones, celeb appeal, and valid birth certificate to mount a credible challenge against the billion dollar campaign of President Barack Obama.

It`s not an exercise in futility to image what a Trump presidency would look like. Here are a few of the big changes we would see in a Trump administration:

*Trump would deport Barack Obama as an illegal alien.

*The White House would be renamed: The Trump White House

*The United States would be renamed: The United States of Trump.

*Trump would fire the Vice President, and replace him with someone to shampoo and fluff his hair every day.

*Trump`s wife, 25-Year-Old Melania Trump, would be the hottest First Lady in American history. Whenever The Donald`s rating approvals slip the former model could do a spread for Playboy.

*America would be feared and respected around the world. If North Korean`s midget dictator or Iran`s Members Only jacket wearing lunatic acted against our interests, Trump would say "You`re Fired" and fire a nuclear weapon at them.

*Whenever Trump fired a member of his administration, his replacement would be the winner of "Celeb Apprentice: The White House Edition." Who wouldn`t want a washed up celeb like Gary Busey as the new Secretary of Defense instead of a boring politician?

*Trump has a lot of celeb friends, he could appoint hotties like Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie as ambassadors to countries that aren`t friendly to us. Our relationship with those countries would be bound to improve.

*When he`s acting as commander-in-chief The Donald could wear a military uniform. But instead of military ribbons or medals Trump`s uniform would have nameplates of all the buildings and properties he owns.

*Trump would order everyone on his staff to refer to him as "The Donald."

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