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Published:April 17th, 2011 18:26 EST
Don`t Just Ride By Life: Ride Through It, Enjoying Every Mile!

Don`t Just Ride By Life: Ride Through It, Enjoying Every Mile!

By Tom Ski

Albert Einstein once said, "Life is like riding a bicycle.  In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." feels the same way.  And they don`t only feel it, or believe it, they live it.  This amazing site is not only a community of people with similar interests and the love of the `bike,` but a site that brings the world`s issues front and center, and does their absolute best to make a statement, find cures, promote healthy living and, quite frankly, make the world a better place to live.

The group of people who make up are located across the globe.  They love to embark on journeys where they are taken to amazing places - whether literally or in the `mind` as they cycle through life.  They meet interesting people, and have some of the most memorable triumphs and thoughts along the way.  Not only that, but they are also kind enough to share these journeys with the rest of us. promotes cycling as the calm center of the `tornado` that is life; the fast-paced everyday world that revolves around us at all times.  But this is not just a site for cycling enthusiasts; is a true, honest, and entertaining platform where people can write and speak about their own lives, and how cycling relates to their personal thoughts, ideas, dreams, and futures.  And, I must say, upon reading the site and going through all the posts and articles, the stories that are written are truly heartfelt.  Not only does offer fun and build friendships, but the `words` make people want to stand up and help!

Just a sampling of some of the causes promoted by include World Bicycle Relief; LIVESTRONG, The Lance Armstrong Foundation; and The Pablove Foundation (an amazing organization whose mission is to fight childhood cancer with love). not only promotes these unbelievable organizations, but they also try their best to help win the `fights that need fighting.`

The incredible team behind do a wonderful job, creating cycling blogs, offering pictures of some of the most beautiful locations in America and around the world, and write articles that truly make people think.  They also offer a Crank Listed Directory which highlights other great cycling blogs for enthusiasts and interested fans located around the world. 

This team at is made up of six outstanding individuals whose efforts are limitless.  Over the weeks we will be highlighting this group of people for readers, who include:

Darryl - a true cycling enthusiast who tries on a daily basis to make cycling the only means of transportation that he uses.  Darryl offers blogs that focus on everything the cycling world has to offer; from the design and mechanics behind the products, to the in-depth feelings that evolve from the time he shares with his family and friends when they come together to enjoy the next `journey.` also has the benefit of having Darryl`s daughter, Kassi, on the team.  This young woman has been Loving the Bike for the last two years, and her articles on how she became a cyclist and the differences cycling has made in her life, are pure poetry.  Not only is she a world traveler and adept at many other activities, her writing is definitely yet another skill that could one day land Kassi on the bestseller lists.

Add to the team, a Registered Dietitian with a passion for healthy eating, wellness, and sports, named Kelli.  Kelli is the nutrition guru at who provides weekly nutrition tips, and is a leader in the field of Sports Nutrition for endurance athletes.

Myron is the creative guru for who has literally brought the advertising and amazing designs that the site offers to its` readers.  Not only was Myron the creator of the Loving the Bike logo, he also contributes outstanding posts that fans really enjoy.

Chris, at is the brilliant photographer who posts some of the most amazingly cool photographs that are even available on the web.  This `creative eye` is not only a valuable team member, but he`s also a freelance photographer for, among others, The Pablove Foundation, which fights childhood cancer. 

Rounding out the team is Steve, who is the official correspondent and blogger in the United Kingdom.  With his posts, Steve has, and will offer, coverage on everything from the 2011 London Bike Show to the 2011 Tour de France.

With this incredible team - and the help of Blairmore Media - is an absolutely stunning achievement.  A live chat on Twitter every Thursday night at 9 P.M. (EST), located at, is also a facet of this community.  Here, people get together for interviews, stories, and information about the cycling world that is a whole lot of fun to be a part of.  And each month, shares some of the best cycling stories and memories ever to be created. 

The sponsorship opportunities are also limitless for any company who wants extremely well-managed and creative exposure in the electronic world.  What helps companies and their branding a great deal is the fact that is a site that is trusted completely by the cycling community, and offers sincere, honest product reviews, comments, and opinions to their readers, bloggers, and members. has created a solid name for themselves in the industry and have the amazing skill and creativity to shine a fantastically bright spotlight on your company`s mission, products, and services. 

With a sister site - - Loving The Bike offers a tremendous amount of entertainment, and proves to all of us that a community of people who care CAN make their voices be heard. 

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.  H.G. Wells made that statement, and the wonderful people at make the future look truly amazing for all of us.!/lovingthebike