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Published:April 18th, 2011 20:37 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Barbara Schumann, Touche Beauty

Judyth Piazza chats with Barbara Schumann, Touche Beauty

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Gracefully blending biology and cosmetology, Barbara Schumann has been sculpting the world`s most vital works of art " the masterpiece that waits within all men and women.  As a licensed skin care technician (aesthetician) and skin care line developer since 1991, she has made it not only her business to bring out the best in people, but her calling.  The Germany-raised daughter of compassionate skin revitalization pioneer Wilma Schumann, Barbara is bringing all of the bedrock knowledge she learned and taking it to another level.  With the latest breakthroughs in deep penetrating skin remedies, her cutting edge company Touché Beauty has emerged.  It`s about people helping people, Schumann adds.  We are providing exciting new products that will make a difference in people`s lives.  Our mission is to provide a top quality product, with integrity and excellent customer service and support.  We are positive that we accomplish this goal " one happy customer at a time " every time! 
Touché Beauty has developed a 7-piece serum-based product line " fresh from German laboratories - that will deal specifically in the target areas of revitalization, skin tone brightening, lifting (around the eyes), anti-aging, contouring, exfoliation and general maintenance.  The initial three to debut on the market will be their Caviar Serum (a vitamin-rich anti-aging combatant), the Oxygen Serum (for revitalizing flaccid skin areas) and a Marine Collagen Serum (an all-purpose moisturizer that works fabulously on all skin types).  Key to the effectiveness of the formulas is superior new technology for what are called carrier systems.  Great ingredients alone can`t work their magic unless they can interact with your skin.  These are really premium products and I`m very excited that we`ve been able to incorporate them into the formulization.  
Schumann has taken the same care and attention to detail with the outside of her new product as the inside, utilizing eye-catching packaging in dazzling color schemes.  Just as she understands the importance of a radiant appearance on human skin, her commitment to a powerful outer presentation for her product line reveals her overall artistic aesthetic.  She brings it from a variety of interests and studies she`s explored throughout her life.


What People Are Saying About Touché



"The product is impeccable -- revolutionary -- the best new beauty product I have used in years."  

                                     -Daytime superstar Deidre Hall




"In one word, it`s LUSCIOUS ..." 

-Grammy winning music icon Patti Austin




"I am in love with Touché and so is my skin..."

            -Acclaimed songstress and actress Gloria Loring




 "Where have you been all my life Touché?" 

-Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated actress Lynn Whitfield



"Most products are geared either toward white OR black skin.  Touché` kicks butt on both.  I will not leave home without it.  Thank you Touché" 

-Broadway, Film and TV DIVA Sheryl Lee Ralph