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Published:April 19th, 2011 00:36 EST

Lindsay Lohan's Pathetic Excuse: I Can't Go To Court On Good Friday

By Robert Paul Reyes

" Lindsay Lohan may be avoiding her theft case for a little bit longer as she reportedly simply can`t deal with the court matter on Good Friday.

Lindsay`s attorney, Shawn Holley, will reportedly be asking the judge on the case to postpone her hearing so she can observe the Christian holiday, states Lindsay`s attorney reportedly discussed the matter with the judge in a meeting last week." Read More


Lindsay Lohan isn`t exactly known for her religious piety. The pop tart has probably never darkened the door of a church.

On Good Friday Lohan won`t be contemplating the meaning of the death of Christ on the cross. The pop diva`s little mind will be trying to figure out how to use a peep as a bong.

God bless Lohan`s devious little heart, I hope the judge won`t let her get away with such a transparent excuse.

It`s high time that the troubled actress finally faced the music.

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