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Published:April 18th, 2011 19:35 EST
The Incomparable Jason Escape Makes an Unforgettable Proposal!

The Incomparable Jason Escape Makes an Unforgettable Proposal!

By Tom Ski

It`s not every day when a woman can stand in the brilliant sunshine looking up at the man she loves "clothed in a straitjacket, wrapped in seventy-five feet of rope, hanging twenty-feet in the air from a tripod, while an avid audience gathers around him and screams their support "and receive what every little girl has dreamed of at least once during her lifetime.  That`s right; a proposal of marriage.  A woman reads Modern Bride and fantasizes about her beloved on bended knee.  But when you are the true love of Jason Escape, you receive the full mystical, illuminating treatment that can only be given by a true creative artist.  You do not have to deal with seeing your name written on a baseball scoreboard or a Goodyear blimp.  No, no.  Jason Escape is one man who goes to the greatest lengths with his life, his show, and his future "so why not go to the max with his proposal of marriage?  With everything Jason Escape does he receives a standing ovation and, thankfully, with this particular moment in his life, he also received a, "Yes.`

Two weeks ago we introduced readers to Jason Escape - a phenomenal individual who was placed on his chosen career path when he was just a boy.  His love for all things "unknown` began when he was a young man attending shows with his grandfather.  And as he grew, Jason Escape dove into the deep end of sorcery and illusion, and used his unbelievably creative mind to bring the Great Houdini back to the masses.

Jason Escape certainly does remind one of Harry Houdini.  As every history-buff knows, Houdini was a Hungarian-born American who prided himself on being a magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor "and even film producer.  He was noted for his absolutely sensational escape acts, which JasonEscape has revamped and updated in extremely interesting and colorful ways, in order for today "s world to have the chance to witness true and unforgettable illusions. 

Audiences will be happy to know that the master, Houdini, would`ve loved and promoted Jason Escape with everything he owned.  They also have other things in common.  Jason Escape began with simple card tricks, as did Houdini, who was once billed as The King of Cards. "  Soon, after mastering every card trick in the book, Houdini began experimenting with various types of "escape acts,` becoming known as The Handcuff King. "  Audiences were then startled over the years when Houdini and his brother - on more than one occasion - performed straitjacket escapes while dangling upside-down from the roof of a building for publicity.  JasonEscape`s upside-down straightjacket escape would`ve had even Houdini standing with his mouth open.  Not to mention, a huge smile on his face.

You see, not only is Jason Escape a true expert in all different areas of illusion and escape, but he`s also an incredible host for the crowds.  Jason Escape has the power - or, perhaps, a tremendous personality - that people respond to. Not only do his audiences hold their breath during certain illusions, but they also have the time of their lives and end up laughing as much as they do gasping in surprise!  "Dangerous` and "exciting` are most definitely adjectives that are attached to all shows that Jason Escape performs, but hilarity and fun also come hand in hand, making him one "act` that people do not want to miss.  Jason Escape has been booked for everything from grand openings to festivals.  In fact, anytime an audience wants to be amazed, entranced, and simply have a good time, Jason Escape never fails to entertain.

One of he most popular escapes of Houdini`s, as we mentioned before, was to have himself strapped into a regulation straitjacket and suspended by his ankles from a tall building or crane. Houdini would then make his escape in full view of the assembled crowd.  In many cases, Houdini would draw thousands of onlookers who would choke the street and bring city traffic to a halt.  Although Jason Escape may decide not to hang from a building in Manhattan, I can honestly say that if he did the multitude of onlookers Jason Escape would draw, would rival that of Houdini, himself.  Not only that, but because Jason Escape also has the power to mesmerize the crowd with his `fun side,` traffic would not unwind for a good long time if Jason Escape took to the sky.     

In the Jason Escape Show, introduced in our first article regarding this incredible performer, audiences are rewarded with incredibly funny moments mixed in tidily with a dangerous and exciting aerial escape.  AND Jason Escape continues to break records.  With the other shows Jason Escape offers, like The Steel Box, The Mind, Magic & Escape Show, and the Bar Straight Jacket Show (which is absolutely hilarious and should be booked `for the drinking crowd`), Jason Escape never loses his ability to draw the audience in.  He also, apparently, has the ability to draw a certain woman in, and place a diamond on her finger that sparkles as brightly as the gleam in his eye.

This is a man with undeniable spirit, and the words he spoke the day he proposed to his beloved were truly beautiful.  He began by saying that, Life is short " and, oh, how correct those words are.  Strong, mystical, and sincere, Jason Escape proves on a daily basis that he will not be a person who misses one millisecond of life.  Whether enjoying it upside-down or right-side up - either point of view will work.  With Jason Escape`s depth of talent and fun, he proves to everyone that to enjoy life is the absolute best "gift` you can give yourself.. 

In 1918, on the brightly-lit stage of the Hippodrome - at one time the world "s largest theatre located in Midtown Manhattan - illusionist Harry Houdini made a ten-thousand pound elephant disappear "creating a worldwide sensation.  Now, as any girl will tell you, the brilliant diamond that was placed on the hand of Jason Escape`s beloved, during his upside-down proposal, would be a great deal more difficult to make disappear than that elephant.  Because the love it represents is, quite simply, no illusion. 

Jason Escape`s creativity, talent, and absolute joy that he spreads to others will also never disappear.  This is one man who the world should be watching out for, because Jason Escape will one day be a legend.  Throughout his days, he will teach young ones that "the unexplained` exists.  He will also continue to put smiles on the faces of others who, perhaps, couldn`t find theirs.  And he will not only continue to create unforgettable moments for others but, with his enchanting proposal, Jason Escape has definitely created an unforgettable moment for he and his bride.

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**Jason Escape performs throughout the season at Faneuil Hall Marketplace;

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