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Published:April 19th, 2011 15:51 EST

Drunk Irishman Moves Beehive And Bees Treat Him Like A Pin Cushion!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Irishman who decided to climb a ladder and move a beehive after downing a few beers has paid the price, being stung more than 60 times.

Andrew Short, an amateur beekeeper in Australia, returned home from the Melbourne Comedy Festival Monday evening in high spirits and thought he`d move a hive from his back yard to the roof of his house.


He figured that as it was past midnight, the bees would be asleep. Instead, they attacked him."


I fee I`m being politically-incorrect writing a story about an Irishman who gets drunk and does something stupid. That`s never stopped me before, so here goes...

A drunk Irishman (oxymoron?), a tall ladder, angry bees: A perfect recipe for disaster.

It`s OK to be an amateur stamp collector or an amateur singer, but an amateur beekeeper is asking for trouble.

This Irish drunkard is an amateur beekeeper all right -- bees don`t sleep. Bees don`t sleep, although they remain motionless during the night reserving their energies for the next day.

I would have paid anything to see the drunk Irishman climbing up a ladder holding a bee hive in one hand (a can of beer in the other?) while the angry bees are stinging the hell out of him.

Maybe, there is a God.

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