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Published:April 19th, 2011 20:15 EST

Tiny Dog From Hell Bites Off Part Of A Home Depot Greeter's Nose

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Home Depot Canada is considering policy changes after a greeter lost part of her nose when she tried to pet a customer`s pet Shih Tzu dog in suburban Ottawa.

Greeter Anne Riel, 39, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. the little dog was in a shopping cart being pushed by its unidentified 74-year-old owner Friday when the dog bit her.


`No sooner had I slightly bent down " [when] the dog bit my nose with its entire mouth,` Riel said.

A small piece of her nose is missing after emergency plastic surgery and Riel will need more procedures, the report said."


When I walk into a Target, Sears or Home Depot I`m lost in my own thoughts and minding my own business -- the last thing I want is to be accosted by a greeter.

When I was 17-year-old innocent, I used to frequent the Broadway section of San Francisco where the topless and bottomless clubs are located. Barkers would stand outside most of the dives, enticing pedestrians, including young lads to enter the fine establishments. I was grateful that the barkers never asked for an ID, but I still resented their presence.

I put barkers and greeters in the same category, and I don`t have any love for them. However, I`m sorry that the Home Depot greeter lost part of her nose to a little dog.

Old ladies are romanticized as fragile kindly old souls, and little dogs are considered cute and cuddly. In reality most blue-haired old ladies are misanthropic hateful creatures, and the little doggies they favor are spawn of the devil.

The greeter should have given a wide berth to the old witch and her demonic little creature. Not only did the tiny pooch bite the greeter, but the old hag tried to sneak out of the store.

I hope the greeter sues the heck out of the old lady.

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