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Published:April 20th, 2011 17:00 EST

America's Next Top Model Jaclyn Poole Is Sweet But No Fool

By Paulette Cohn

If America`s Next Top Model could be won on personality alone, Jaclyn Poole would have hands-down walked away with the title. The cute-as-a-button 20-year-old student and waitress from Belton, TX would flash her matching dimples and exude Southern charm talking to the judges and the other aspiring models.

americanexttopmodel_225_jaclynpooleBut, Jaclyn was at a disadvantage, having had a lot less experience than several of her competitors. So, despite having the No. 1 photo the previous week, this week`s trash-dump photo challenge resulted in the Texas beauty getting the axe.

So, America`s Next Top Model  said bye-bye to Jaclyn just as Tyra Banks was about to sweep the final five away to Morocco.

Now,we talks to Jaclyn about the conflict between the girls and Alexandria, map reading and more!

How disappointed were you not to go to Morocco and would that have been your first time leaving the country?

Jaclyn Poole: I have actually been on a cruise before to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands but that is the only place I have ever been. It was hard being the one sent home before they went abroad to Morocco. I was so excited to get to go overseas. It seems they only took the top five, instead of the top six, but I was so proud of myself getting to the top six and making it as far as I did. I competed against some girls who were beautiful and had so much experience. I didn`t have any coming into the competition. I am very proud of myself and I don`t have any regrets except for the map thing.

It seemed that the fact that you can`t read a map shouldn`t have anything to do with your abilities as a model. In real life, your driver could help you find where you are supposed to be.

Jaclyn Poole: Next time, I will have to hide my GPS in my suitcase and bring it with me because I sure did not know how to read that map.

It seemed to me -- and maybe I am prejudiced because you were one of my favorites -- that Tyra didn`t really have a reason for sending you home. You booked both of the go-sees that you made.

Jaclyn Poole: I just got into my model mode and got ready to work. I think it is neat how they noticed that I am different in person than I am in my photos. I think that is a good trait to have. I am versatile. I can show them who I am in person and then bring it my photo shoots.

Also the reason why I think you should have still been there was because at the beginning of the show, when Tyra was going over the photos for your books, you weren`t the one who only had four pictures. You had six, so it seemed as if the judges really liked your pictures.

Jaclyn Poole: I felt honored that Tyra wanted to use all six of the photos I had taken in my portfolio because some of the girls only got four or five. I got all of mine. That must mean that they are all worthy for a client to see. When they lined all of my pictures up, I looked completely different every time. It looks as if I am telling a story. I was so pleased by the pictures in my portfolio.

What did the competition teach you about yourself that you didn`t know before?

Jaclyn Poole: I was thrown into a house full of amazing girls I had never known before. I guess it was like going into a college experience. You don`t really know anyone and you are trying to be in a sorority. I learned so much about myself, not just as an aspiring model, but as a young woman. I had to do things for myself. I had to rely on myself instead of having my mother and father there all the time. It was such a great learning experience. I really grew up in that short amount of time. It was so awesome to grow like that and be on my own. I learned so much and I can`t wait to put it to good use when I go out into the real modeling world.

What was your take on the conflict the girls had with Alexandria?

Jaclyn Poole: People don`t realize Alexandria is an awesome girl at heart. She is a great girl. Sometimes people snap or they say things they shouldn`t say. We all do it. People take her wrong. She is an amazing person. She has good intentions. I can`t wait to see her again. I talk to her often. I think she is going to be very successful in the modeling industry.

And Brittani?

Jaclyn Poole: Brittani, as well. I love Brittani. She had a meltdown. We all wish it hadn`t gone that way to all land in Brittani`s lap, but it did. Brittani is amazing. She came from a trailer park. She`s gone through so much in her life to be where she is today. Gosh, she made it on America`s Next Top Model just like me. I think we are all so lucky and have bright futures ahead of us.

What was your favorite shoot and why?

Jaclyn Poole: My favorite photo shoot was definitely when we went to Universal Studios and Miss J came and woke us up in our house and told us we were going to go on a field trip to Universal Studios. The whole time we had been in L.A., I had been talking about please take us to take us Disneyland. I wanted to ride roller coasters. I wanted to do something like that. Miss J told us we were going to go on a field trip and come to find out we were doing a  photo shoot, so that was even better. We were doing it in Universal Studios, right next to Jaws. We saw the shark. It is so cool to see how those sets are setup. Just to see how they put it together is awesome. To work with Eric Daman, the Gossip Girl stylist, was magnificent. He is adorable. I hope to see him in my future. Then to win best photo and to look like the Joker from Batman, it was just crazy.

Who do you think will win now that you are not there?

Jaclyn Poole: I have a feeling it will come down to Molly or Brittani. They are both so high fashion. I think they both have so much to bring. But every single one of the girls is deserving because we all have the same passion: That is to be America`s Next Top Model. I just feel for them and I know they wanted it as bad as I did. Even though there is just one winner, I think we are all winners because to make it this far in the competition is going to open doors for us and to get our faces out there. It is just the beginning.

Would you do it again? If so, is there anything you would change?

Jaclyn Poole: I would do it again. The only thing I would change is I would study my Los Angeles map.

So what is next for you?

Jaclyn Poole: I am back in Belton, TX with my family. In a couple of weeks, I plan to go to New York and Los Angeles and hit every single agency until someone believes in me and wants to sign me. I will be so blessed when that day comes. I am not going to stop until I get something great out of this. If you want it bad enough, you will work hard for it and go after it and I am ready.

America`s Next Top Model moves to its new timeslot tonight: 9 p.m. on The CW.