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Published:April 21st, 2011 12:43 EST

Bobby Jindal Will Sign 'Birther Bill" Obama Quaking In His Boots!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said Wednesday that he will sign a proposed bill requiring presidential candidates to present a birth certificate before having their name added to the state`s ballot.


The bill, which has yet to reach the Republican governor`s desk, received national attention after Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed a similar bill, calling it a `distraction.`"

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer let down those of us who are determined to make Obama comply with the rule of law and provide proof of citizenship.

Unlike Brewer Governor Jindal has a backbone and he will sign the bill that requires a presidential candidate to present a birth certificate before having his name added to the state`s ballot.

If other states pass similar legislation, Obama will be forced to release a valid birth certificate. If Obama fails to present a valid birth certificate, he will be exposed as the biggest fraud in American history.

Jan Brewer is dead wrong, Obama`s missing birth certification isn`t a distraction. If Obama wasn`t born in the United Sates he`s an illegitimate president, and every action that he takes is a crime and an affront to the constitution.

American patriots shouldn`t let Obama get away with his arrogance and deception.

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