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Published:April 21st, 2011 13:35 EST

Clumsy Real Madrid Player Drops 'The King's Cup' Trophy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Spain`s most treasured football trophy, the King`s Cup, slipped from the hands of a Real Madrid player, fell under the team bus and was reportedly crushed into pieces.

Defender Sergio Ramos held the 15-kilo (33-pound) trophy above his head in an open-top bus as the triumphant team were about to enter Madrid`s central Cibeles Square, packed with fans partying throughout the night.


But he lost his grip and the Cup, which Real Madrid got their hands on just hours earlier for the first time since 1993 after a 1-0 victory over Barcelona, fell in front of the bus.

The team bus then ran over the silver trophy before stopping."


Spain`s King`s Cup is equivalent to the Lombardi Trophy that is given to the winner of the Super Bowl. If an NFL player accidentally destroyed the Lombardi Trophy, he would never be able to live it down. For time immemorial the hapless player would be a symbol of clumsiness and stupidity.

I fail to understand why Real Madrid`s celebration took place at night. After an entire day of drinking, accidents are more likely to occur in the darkness.

But that is no excuse for Sergio Ramos dropping and breaking the King`s Cup. "It fell, it fell, it`s fine, it`s fine. Ramos told the press when asked about the slip.

It`s not fine, Ramos doesn`t seem to realize the gravity of his mistake. He should be banished for life from his sport.

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