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Published:April 21st, 2011 11:21 EST

Parents Need to Take More Responsibility For Their Teenagers' Actions

By SOP newswire2

Why Did Teenager Kyle Smith Slaughter His Grandparents in Midwest ...

I think what this kid did is sick.  But, I find it equally sick that somehow, in the past 20 years, parents got some sort of free pass that allows their kids to do whatever they want, and blame it on anyone else they can.

It kind of seems like anyone who gave birth after 1990 thinks they gave birth to the messiah because their kids are NOT to be disciplined. If you told kids today about the meetings with the principal, or teacher`s, paddle that used to occur, they wouldn`t believe you. 

These arrogant parents let their kids do whatever they want, and then throw a fit as soon as they do something wrong.  And they find everyone to blame but their lazy selves.  Seriously... if a kid got paddled at school, that lawsuit would be on the news before the weather.

Just saying...

John L.