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Published:April 22nd, 2011 23:32 EST
Actress Jamie McCall Tells Judyth Piazza "It Almost Killed Me"

Actress Jamie McCall Tells Judyth Piazza "It Almost Killed Me"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

A former United States Naval Officer, this bright Up and Comer relocated herself from her final duty station and home, the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, to Hollywood a few years ago to pursue her career in the entertainment industry full-out.

Now she`s taking charge of her Hollywood career through acting, writing, producing, performing the powerful Spoken Word, studying & training Martial Arts and as choreographer/backup dancer to several local artists.

As a Public Relations Officer in the Navy very involved in the media, including Speechwriter for top D.C. Admirals and Editor in Chief of one of the Navy`s nationally distributed magazines, Jamie has always been able to use her on camera, writing, leadership and public speaking skills. Then she lost it all. Her story is truly one of Redemption of the Most Powerful Kind, and is being written in her book "Living the High Life without Drinking the Champagne".

A story about how to start over and do it even bigger & better the second time around! With a fan base of over 30,000 supporters and quickly growing and local celebrity status already established, watch how it all manifests into a public image never before witnessed...a new kind of celebrity. The Leader you`ll want to follow, leading by setting the example. The Renaissance Girl "Taking the Nation with a warm embrace of inspiration!"