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Published:April 22nd, 2011 12:28 EST

Outrage: Texas Gov. Rick Perry Implores Texans To Pray For Rain

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Texas Governor Rick Perry called on Texans to pray for rain as cooler temperatures on Thursday helped firefighters contain wildfires that have charred more than 1.5 million acres across the state.


Perry, a Republican, sought increased federal help in combating the blazes last weekend and urged Texans to ask the same from a higher power over the Easter holiday weekend.

"Throughout our history, both as a state and as individuals, Texans have been strengthened, assured and lifted up through prayer," Perry said in a statement."


Texas is in the midst of a crisis of Biblical proportions, wildfires have consumed over 1.5 acres and the worst drought in decades continues unabated.

The Governor hasn`t yet donned sackcloth and ashes, and torn out his hair, but that may be next on the agenda. For now Gov. Perry is calling on his constituents to pray for rain.

I realize that desperate times call for desperate measures, but the governor`s proclamation of a "weekend of prayer for rain" is a clear violation of the separation of church and state. This may be Easter weekend, but that doesn`t give the governor carte blanche to go off the religious deep end.

Whether you believe in the efficacy of prayer or not, if you`re a student of the constitution you will have to agree that the governor has stepped over the line.

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