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Published:April 23rd, 2011 10:48 EST

Jersey Shore's Snooki Hits The Gym: Diva Loses Weight, Looks Hot!

By Robert Paul Reyes

MTV`s hit reality series "Jersey Shore" made the expression "GLT" (gym,tan, laundry) popular. With her orange face and her skimpy clothes it was obvious that Snooki was down with tanning and buying clothes. But unlike her muscular male co-stars she never hit the gym, until recently.


Home girl has been spending less time lifting bottles of booze and more time lifting weights, and baby it shows. Even with her face as orange as a pumpkin, girlfriend looks great!

We can only hope that the dolts who watch "Jersey Shore" will follow Snooki`s example and lay off the booze and hit the gym.

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