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Published:April 23rd, 2011 10:38 EST
Syria Deserves Sovereignty:  Is There an Israeli Conspiracy?

Syria Deserves Sovereignty: Is There an Israeli Conspiracy?

By SOP newswire2

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council appealed the Arab people in general and Syrian people in particular who understand the six decades old Zionist conspiracy to undermine the sovereignties of the front-line Arab States particularly that of Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

Israel, an illegal creation of Resolution 181 of the Security Council attacked Palestinian territories within hours of its creation in 1948 and annexed nearly one-third of Palestine. It, again, invaded front-line Arab States and annexed Sinai (east of Suez Canal), entire Palestine including Gaza and hilly region of Syria, Gholan Heights in 1967. Israel threw Resolutions 242, 338 and all the rest into the dustbin of UN and defied all UN resolutions. The Anglo-American Bloc and all its touts` states kept quiet rather supported Israel.

The Gholan Heights of Syria continue to be under illegal occupation of Israel and now the Zionist State intends to disintegrate Syria.

The world community should appreciate the gesture given by young President Assad of Syria by withdrawing 40 years old emergency laws thus restoring democratic norms in Syria.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed to the Non-aligned Countries and particularly Indian leadership to convene NAM countries meeting to ensure that leadership of Syria is given moral and political support to ensure return of all occupied lands of Syria.

Prof. Bhim Singh also appealed the people of Syria, its intelligentsia to understand the hidden conspiracy being cooked in the White House against Syria to help expansionist designs of Israel. He cautioned the people of Syria that they should be very careful in the present situation lest the CIA and the "Zionists` succeed in their dangerous designs to disintegrate great Syria.

Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Syrian President to ensure that democracy goes to the grass-roots of the society so that the youth may be involved in the new era of consolidating the sovereignty and integrity of Syria. He offered all possible cooperation to the Govt. of Syria to introduce the "Indian concept` of electoral system and working of its democracy.

Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary