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Published:April 24th, 2011 12:30 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Fashionista Priya Scroggins on The SOP Radio Network

Judyth Piazza chats with Fashionista Priya Scroggins on The SOP Radio Network

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

From the fine fabrics of Asia to the high fashion couture of Europe to the all natural earthiness of Northern Africa to the fiery climates of South America and the Caribbean Islands, fashionista Priya Scroggins has scoured the planet to create a shopping Nirvana that taps into the bathing suit beauty within women of all shapes and sizes.  Incorporating the four primary emphasis points of Fit, Form, Function and Fashion which she dubs the "Fit Philosophy" Scroggins has ingeniously removed the stress and guesswork from choosing the most flattering and fashionable swimwear for women.


Scroggins` own battles with understanding the importance of fit and confidence stemmed from her childhood of being teased about her looks and body.  During and after that stage of her life, she became increasingly determined to develop an understanding of fashion, style, makeup and hair.  Her obsession turned into talent when she realized how good she became at understanding how a garment should fit and compliment the body, how a great hairstyle can highlight the face, and how makeup can accentuate the beauty of a woman.  Once she figured this out for herself, she began helping friends, fellow college students and co-workers, eventually realizing how she could help millions of other women face this challenge of finding the right look " whether with apparel, hair and/or makeup.


With her mother - a multi-cultural diversity consultant hailing from Kerala, India - and her father being an African American artist and Professor, Priya was biologically inclined to be inspired by art, creativity, culture and travel.  After receiving her degree in Journalism with a concentration on fashion and entertainment at the University of Kentucky, she moved to New York City eager to establish herself in the competitive and fast-paced environment. She began working in the magazine industry with top publications such as InStyle, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar.  She then moved through career experiences that included the music industry, and writing and producing for television and film at IMG Media and Our Stories Films.  Priya made a critical decision to leave Corporate America and travel the world to discover what her next carnation would be.  In her travels to exotic destinations on several continents she found herself closely observing fashions, cultures and lifestyle which sparked her entrepreneurial vision to start a resort clothing and accessory company for women.  In 2007, she founded Beloved Star, LLC.  Three years later, she realized how many women were fit challenged " and shifted her company focus to bringing fit consciousness to the forefront.  Out of this discovery came her latest company which she aptly calls,


With this heightened level of consciousness, Priya created a cutting-edge website which is not only an online resort wear/travel lifestyle boutique but also educates women on the truth of what a really good fit  is.  Taking the focus off the Size 0 model, makes fit the focus, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience for all.  Video tutorials she calls Fit Therapy,  which are guided by her on-line incarnation The Fit Therapist, assist her customers in pinpointing their body type " Flask, Funnel, Hourglass, Test Tube or Beaker.  This inventive way of using lab apparatus instead of fruits and shapes stems from Ms. Scroggins formula for finding the perfect style for their occasion and body type.  The goal is for women to embrace their natural shape and love the way they look, thus liberating them from the psychologically shackles of sizing definitions and helping them learn what works best for their body shape.  By using real women instead of models, Priya teaches them what their true fit realistically will be.    


"Fashion and style are about confidence in your ability to wear things that suit and fit you properly, " Scroggins states.   My standard for quality and style is applied to every decision in designers - taking into sharp consideration how well the cut and fabric will make a woman look and feel.  At, our selection process is very detail oriented.  We stress the importance of optimal fit, construction and fabrics that may cost a little more upfront, but the quality and value are worth so much more in the long run. Fetching and affordable brands on include Lenny, Tibi, Vix, Rosa Cha, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, MiracleSuit, Baltex, LSpace, Keiko and many more!

I am confident my customers will walk away with at least one classic swimwear or resort wear piece they will keep for years to come. 

Priya Scroggins has future plans for applying her malleable formula to all sorts of others resort-related areas and accessories, including shoes, jewelry, bags and even vacation home furniture.  However, her current focus remains passionately on finding each woman`s perfect fit for their leisure time lifestyles, vacations or honeymoons be it for the Spring/Summer seasons or the late Fall/early Winter cruise season.  Scroggins concludes, I want women, young and old, to reclaim a positive image for ourselves by not being reminded of our imperfections, but finding creative ways to achieve our best looks and reaching our most confident style.


fx4 = (fit + form + function + fashion) "... taking the guesswork out of buying swimwear online!"
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