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Published:April 26th, 2011 00:43 EST
Andrew Hessel Shows Judyth Piazza That Old Dogs Do Have New Tricks

Andrew Hessel Shows Judyth Piazza That Old Dogs Do Have New Tricks

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Andrew Hessel loves books, loves writing and knows that his thrillers are page-turners- It`s the whole publishing industry thing that is the problem!  So on Tuesday, Hessel launched, and introduces the author, his novels, and Old Dog Publishing. Also unveiled is his revolutionary blog, The Readers and Writers Community, designed to create an interactive exchange between readers and writers.

A YouTube video, found at  tells his story directly to readers.  Facebook and Twitter offer more opportunities to connect, and get to know each other.

A suicidal business model has many scratching their heads, but Hessel claims he`s got nothing to lose, everything to gain, and a chance to help other frustrated writers like him.

He`s kicked it off with an emailed Invitation,  complete with links to his web site and video, hoping family, friends and colleagues pass it along and help to keep it going.

The goal is as many readers " and I cannot overemphasize the readers- as possible, so I`m giving away free .pdf downloads of my first book, Rush to Dawn.  Trade paperbacks and eBooks are modestly priced to cover costs, while Kindle eBooks are available through the Amazon Kindle Store, and ePUB formats are available on the website as well as from the iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Sony online stores. The Old Dog`s New Trick, the second book in the Cups Drayton Series, is also available in each of these formats.

Calling the Mirano Trilogy an epic struggle between good and evil, the consummate personal war between two uniquely powerful but antithetical men, and a savage vendetta you won`t soon forget,  Hessel knows if you enjoy Rush, you`ll love Old Dog, and will eagerly await Imperfect Resolution, due later this year. From the volcanic mountains of the High Cascades to Portland`s city streets, the books are Northwest-based, but the action spans the country and the world.

Wilson Willie  Hemphill, a previously unknown master cyber-criminal with an insatiable lust for killing and destroying lives, is pitted against a top, if unconventional, FBI special agent-profiler, Ellroy Cups  Drayton.  The series features technologies across military, law enforcement, and scientific disciplines, with characters you`ll love, and some you will love to hate.

When the Bureau shuts down the Hemphill case and settles for sure conviction on a lesser charge, Cups decides that 21 years of dodging the Bureau`s politics is enough. Disgusted and disillusioned, he returns home to Portland and early retirement.  But after escaping from prison in Florida, Willie follows Cups to Oregon, to shock the world with revenge worthy of his criminal art.

Aligned with the Seattle-based Mirano crime family now headed by Mira Mirano " the first Lady Don " Willie unleashes an unthinkable horror to destroy Cups and everyone dear to him. With a 24-like clock ticking, Cups must defeat an enemy more evil than any he`s ever faced, with more at stake than he ever imagined.  Willie makes it personal for all of us, streaming live video of 18 entombed, slowly dying innocents into homes around the world. In the end, Cups will prove that no man is as determined " or as deadly " as a man with nothing to lose.

What motivated Hessel to take these unusual steps?

Frustrated with an old guard publishing industry he says moves at glacial speed, when it moves at all, and determined to share his stories now, while I still wake up on the right side of the grass, Mr. Hessel knew it was time for something completely different.

Most writers discover that landing a literary agent is harder than writing a book, Hessel half-joked, so parting company with my NYC agent to self-publish was more than a little scary you have to have a plan, and today that means employing every available tool to pierce 21st Century clutter. Then you just hope to catch a break!



After a successful career as a newspaper executive for some of the country`s largest media companies, Andrew Hessel began writing fiction four years ago.  Today, home is Portland, Oregon, but he and his wife are Midwest transplants " St. Louis and Chicago.  He and Lynne have four children, three grandchildren, and an old black lab.  At work on Imperfect Resolution, the next Cups Drayton thriller and the final installment of the Mirano Trilogy, Andrew`s passions are family, writing, reading, sports, food and Labradors.