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Published:April 25th, 2011 09:50 EST
Me OUTSOURCE? but their my friends!

Me OUTSOURCE? but their my friends!

By Will Roberts

Well, I decided that I am tired of writing about politics; I mean for at least for a day. I was leaving my show on the Las Vegas strip last night and I was scanning though my Twitter account and my Facebook page and only thing out there that`s newsworthy is Donald Trump... I just can`t write about him every day. Today the big news; Gary Busey is saying that he will stump for Trump! H`mmm I have seen this man in action. Gary Busey is a stump.


Ok, now I don`t want you folks to think that my comments today are in any way meant to be a commercial. See, recently I started doing a little marketing of my BRAND; that`s the new way of saying I`m going to talk about myself, and only myself.


In order to do that I jumped into what we call social media, which really seems to me to be people who bother other people until they become online friends, and then you never hear from them, unless they have something to sell. However, it has its good points and you can meet some interesting people, outside of Justin Bieber fans.


I am surprised that politicians and their campaigns have not latched on to this form of new media more, or sooner.  I mean the politicians themselves, not the young interns they hire to run their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They could really gain some ground; it`s an odd concept I have called, actually talking and listening to the people. Get the boots to the ground and not just get their information from staffers.

So, in order to do that I hired a social media expert to help me best understand my internet friends and fans. This person is out of the UK. (


Then, I decided I needed a phone app. Because I am a writer and I do my cartoons, I figured a phone app is the way to go; everyone`s doing it... So I found a person that does that and I got a real good deal. This persons company is out in UK,


One of the things I have tried to do as well is to make sure my writing is in good shape; make sure all the I`s are dotted and T`s crossed. I tend to confuse spelling and grammar check. So I make sure to have an editor read and check my ramblings.


Don`t just do that ramble. This person I found on the Internet and is located in the UK. - Joseph (


Then, it hit me! This cowboy is outsourcing... My attempts at being social have left me being anti-social to my own country.


Which is odd, because the folks on the other side of the water don`t get our American jokes anyway. Brits tend to like dry humor & American humor is more of the hold you down tickle ya approach. But I guess I am paying the bills, so that makes me down right hysterical, as long as I pay.


So, a day where I wanted to skip politics turns out to be to a possible international news story: "Cowboy humorist hires the British to help him tell a joke".



Your friend,





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