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Published:April 26th, 2011 22:55 EST
The Newest Creation that Boston has to Offer!  Forget the British FlyRydaz is Coming!

The Newest Creation that Boston has to Offer! Forget the British FlyRydaz is Coming!

By Tom Ski

Boston has always been at the top of the list when it comes to the most historical, amazing, and interesting people, places, and locations that this nation has to offer.  Who can forget Paul Revere`s Midnight Ride, and The Old North Church that held two bright lanterns in its` steeple to announce that the British were coming? 

Well, The Cradle of Liberty is about to have yet another claim to fame - a group comprised of three young men who have already been talked about as being the best, most exciting band to hit the Hip-Hop/Pop/Electric world in ages.  Music is about to have a rejuvenation - a shot of pure talent, electricity, and adrenaline by the name of FlyRydaz 

The incredible voices and amazing lyrics that are performed by this trio, who go by the names of - Rook, Woodz, and React - bring back a time when `upbeat` was something that the world craved.  Nowadays, let`s face it - we don`t crave it, the world needs it.  FlyRydaz produces the type of "party` records that have fans screaming with excitement, while also providing emotional/lyrical songs to the masses.  As a gift to their location, one of FlyRydaz`s compositions is titled, Boston Anthem, which can certainly be seen and heard as an ode to the majesty of that city.  There is also a FlyRydaz song called Shining Star which, quite frankly, is what FlyRydaz is about to become.

Rook, Woodz, and React came together during their high school years.  These creative, talented individuals found themselves drawn to each other for a higher purpose.  All three  found that they each had a true passion for creating music.  The members grew up together in the historic world of Cambridge, Massachusetts - right down the road from the ivy-covered doors of Harvard.  While the collegiate set was looking forward to lives of politics and law, this trio was looking forward to a tremendous climb up the ladder of the music world.  Now, twenty-three year old, Rook, twenty-four year old, Woodz, and twenty-two year old, React, still have that tight bond that they formed when they were younger, and have found a way to put their unique stamp on very traditional forms of music.

FlyRydaz was overlooked for a bit, but not for long.  They soon began to carve out their niche in the music industry.  The popularity FlyRydaz is gaining all across New England is getting larger and larger, accumulating more and more fans with each performance FlyRydaz gives.  Jumping on to the FlyRydaz bandwagon are teenagers and twenty year olds, who are the definitive audience for the FlyRydaz music.  Let`s be honest, at that age all fans want to do is have fun.  They love the loud beats and dynamic performances that make life `feel` good, and that`s just what FlyRydaz provides. 

From Boston to Washington, D.C.; from New Hampshire to New York; FlyRydaz is on their way to superstardom.  In fact, last year FlyRydaz captured the imagination of a sold-out crowd at the Boston House of Blues, and ended up landing a huge number of devotees to their music.  This performance of FlyRydaz was actually in support of their rapper-friend Sam Adams.  And they did so amazingly well, and received so many accolades, that FlyRydaz joined Sam Adam`s tour two months later.

FlyRydaz has found the one thing that this world is in desperate need of today; they have found the way to make dynamic, fun, entertaining music that allows the listener time to escape from the trials of everyday life.  Their upbeat sound and their personal unique style, has brought life back to the music industry and they are literally about to go global.

In the nest few months we will be covering the band FlyRydaz and all its` members.  However, for a brief introduction - let`s call it a `wetting` of the appetite - here is a small look at the men who are soon to become the  `next best thing` on radios and televisions` everywhere.

Rook (a.k.a. Ray) is a rapper.  Not only has he done individual projects, but he is also one of the amazing trio that makes up FlyRydaz.  His first love was acting and he begged his parents to work as an actor/model when he was five years old.  It paid off.  When Rook was twelve he was a member of the PBS daily show, Zoom!  In 2001, Rook began a rap career when he teamed up with Woodz and friends, and began recording.  In 2004, Rook moved from Boston to Brooklyn to attend college and pursue careers in music, television, and film.  Doing shows, auditions, and rap battles, Rook is now traveling the East Coast performing and recording.  Rook has gained a ton of respect and faithful fans as he goes along.  One of his most amazing individual creations is the mixtape titled, The Boy Who Could Fly,  which is available at the group`s website. 

Woodz is a founding member of the FlyRydaz group, and is specifically noted as being one of the most dynamic writer/performers who ever took the stage.  Not only does Woodz specialize in creating songs that listeners will absolutely love, but he also makes sure his lyrics truly `connect` with his fans.  This is one young man who has been immersed in music his whole life.  In fact, he would recite his favorite MC rhymes on his way home from school every day.  Teaming up with his childhood brothers,  Woodz has brought out his amazing style, and has become a father of one beautiful baby girl. 

React is the third member of this incredible trio.  Early on, React began a group called SRS with two of his classmates.  But, by high school, his brother Woodz began a group with his friends and pulled React into their band.  In 2005, at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, React turned into a basketball star earning accolades and awards left and right.  But all the while, he was writing and performing rap lyrics just to make sure that everyone knew the career path React wanted with all his heart. 

The full biographies and background of the members of FlyRydaz, will most assuredly not only garner new staunch supporters of the band, but will also make a great deal of screaming ladies long to know FlyRydaz much, much better. 

In addition to the band members, a certain young man who goes by the name of, Send Bread, is the incredible hype-man who works with everything he has to get the name FlyRydaz out there to the masses to be heard and seen.

From Party Thru the Night to One Sunrise Away, the songs that FlyRydaz offer to the world are truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.  I suggest readers `fly` to the sites below in order to get in on Boston`s best kept secret, because FlyRydaz is about to soar into the music stratosphere.



On May 2nd, 2011


Will Be Performing at Middle East Cambridge

Five P.M. (EST) for all ages; and

Nine P.M. (EST) for 18 and older

Tickets $15.00




(MachineGunKelly Will Also Appear)




On June 14th , 2011


Will Be Performing at Our Forgotten Warriors Fundraiser

(To be held in Tacoma, Washington)

Check out:


On Tap for the show is Platinum Recording Artist, Mya!

With Host, Traci Bingham

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