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Published:April 27th, 2011 12:53 EST

Hero Marmaduke The Great Dane Adopts 30 Chick Hatchlings

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A young male Great Dane has turned maternal and is helping to rear 30 chicks in British Columbia, its owners said.

The 16-month-old dog named Marmaduke took an interest in the brood before they even hatched at Eco Turf Farms in Kelowna when owner Sue Paull brought the chicken eggs indoors to incubate, The (Vancouver) Province reported.


`He watched them all hatch and he was so curious,` Paull told the newspaper. `When we put them in the box, he just took one out and started cleaning them."


When I walk with my two big dogs (a Pit Bull/German Shepherd and a Chow/Lab), I feel like I`m the pimp of my neighborhood. Everybody gives us a wide berth, and they politely greet me.

But one day when a lady and her Great Dane approached me and my dogs, I was tempted to run away to the safety of my fenced-in backyard.

A Great Dane is a very intimidating and imposing creature, but Marmaduke is a big baby. The 115-pound dog loves the baby chicks.

But if I were Sue I would play it safe and wouldn`t let Marmaduke play with the chicks until after he`s had a good meal.

This story is so heartwarming, it almost makes me feel guilty about the fried chicken I had for dinner last night.

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