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Published:April 27th, 2011 20:20 EST
Jason Escape is NO Illusion!  An Interview with one of the Most Amazing Performers on the Planet!

Jason Escape is NO Illusion! An Interview with one of the Most Amazing Performers on the Planet!

By Tom Ski

Readers have been introduced over the past few weeks to a truly creative mind.  This is a performer who doesn`t just understand his career, but also understands how to `draw` in his audience so that they have the time of their lives while watching him perform.

Jason Escape has literally done the impossible.  In this mostly cynical world, he has brought back the feeling of chills, thrills, and the land of the `unbelievable.`  We have all gotten a bit sober and sedate watching the news, listening to the issues regarding money, real estate, war, typhoons, earthquakes - you name it, we hear it.  But, suddenly a man comes along who literally revives Houdini - who offers each and every one of us a chance to forget the bad for a while and simply enjoy life.  

A Jason Escape performance harkens back to a time when we could all go into a darkened theatre, drop our troubles at the door, and allow ourselves to be brought into another world.  Our imaginations go wild, as we put our minds into the hands of a true artist so we can explore all the wonderful things that still exist in this day-and-age.

Fans and readers have asked for more regarding Jason Escape.  And this writer heard you all.  For another brief moment in time, you can lose yourself in the words of this unbelievably talented man, and add a little `magic` to your day.

Abracadabra here is the indefinable Jason Escape!

I would like to begin with a little background information on you, and what your youth was like.  What you did as a kid?  What your parents did? 

I was a creative child.  Often spending hours alone, I had no problem delving into my mind and finding creative situations to entertain myself with. 

My father owned a luggage shop which was originally owned by my grandfather. Although my father worked in the business he was very much a creative type.  I definitely got my music and comedy genes from him.  My mother was a late bloomer professionally.  After she divorced my father, she became a nurse and then a psych nurse, and then received a Masters in death and dying with a focus on bereavement therapy.  She then focused on palliative care and she is semi-retired now in Arizona.  Although my mother is not an outwardly creative type, she has a very creative mind and can think outside the box.  She also has amazing organizational skills.

Music was probably my first love, although magic was simmering in the background the whole time.  I built my first drum set with a blue Mets catchers` helmet, a large metal top to my toy chest, a thin small metal change bank, and a few other child sundries.  I think I was seven years old.

I know, per your site, that your Grandfather was one of the first people to open up the world of illusion to you.  Can you tell our readers about him, and what the shows were like that you went to together? 

My grandfather was a number one kidder.  He had a sense of humor which was passed on to my father and then to me.  We were fortunate to live so close to New York City that we were able to go see some of the great Broadway shows and variety acts of the day. (The `day` was the 1970s).  I am pretty sure that my grandfather was always accompanied by my father on all of our journeys except for maybe one or two, where it was just my grandparents, my sister, and I.

When did you decide to follow this career path?  Were you headed toward something different when this `love` began? 

It`s funny because I always remember being a musician foremost, but I have been reminded that magic had always been there in my childhood.  Either way, it has always been music and magic...

We know there are many facets of `magic,` per se.  What brought you to do the illusions that you do today?

I enjoy both the large and small aspects of magic.  For large festivals and for street theater, the escapes are the way to go because they can be played very, very large to a large group of people.  I also enjoy close-up and intimate readings " with people, as well as cabaret settings for my question-and-answer show.

Your shows are very much a give-and-take with the audience.  Does the interaction help you perform?  What element does the audience give to your performance? 

I consider my performances as conversations with my audience.  The conversations happen on both a conscious and a subconscious level.  This creates intimacy and that emotion embellishes the whole performance aspect.  I am very much a people person and I feed off of my audiences` energy as much as I depend on my own energy to fuel them.

I have to say, as a person who has seen your `upside-down` proposal to your wife on YouTube - it was certainly a unique way to do it.  How did that come about?  

I knew that I wanted to do something that we would remember forever.  My wife is a great sport and I knew that she would appreciate the fun and humor of the whole event.  I knew she would say yes, so there wasn`t any doubt of me being refused while upside-down.  We are very happy to have video so we can show our children and grandchildren, etc.

As a huge Houdini fan, myself, I was wondering if you `turn` to him or say Doug Henning, etc., for ideas for your show? 

For me, Houdini was a master social-networker.  He was brilliant at making something out of nothing; and he was a marketing whiz.  He knew how to promote and sensationalize.  For that, I have turned to him indeed. (Henning was great but way cheesy).

I would assume that you love the fact that the world of `illusion` seems to be making a comeback?  Where do you see this particular profession heading?

I think people are interested to know about what goes on inside the `box` both literally and figuratively with today`s variety artists.  I could see myself with a reality show or a documentary type show that would highlight and give insight to this type of career.

I would love to ask you, for our readers, about the amazing Faneuil Hall marketplace in Boston, and what it`s like to perform there?  Do you travel and perform in all states?  And, do you do some international shows that our global readers can know about? 

I have been working at Faneuil Hall marketplace in Boston for seven years now and I love it.  Tourists from all over the world arrive daily in Boston and we get to perform for them. I do travel all over the country and all over the world.  For me it is one in the same - it is going to work.  I have been as far as Singapore and Australia and have plans this summer to perform at several festivals in Canada.  If you book me I will come.

I know that you list four shows on your website including, The Jason Escape Show, 

The Steel Box Show, The Mind, Magic & Escape Show, and The Bar Straight Jacket Show. Could you tell our readers a little about each?

I offer these four show types but, of course, there are infinite varieties and combinations of things that I do to make each performance unique.  The Jason Escape Show is the show that I perform at festivals all around the globe.  I hang upside-down while tethered in a straitjacket and 75 feet of rope, 20 feet in the air, while entertaining the audience and hopefully escaping.  The Bar Escape is what I tend to perform for the adult crowd.  It involves me getting tied up in the straitjacket and some other fun hi-jinks.  The final show that I offer is my Steel Box Escape.  The name says it all. 

The mind-reading act of your work, which appears in the Mind, Magic & Escape Show - I know you certainly can`t give away your secrets, but how did you learn that you had this gift? 

I have always been extremely intuitive and since then I have trained by studying psychology, sociology, human interactions and demographics, the subconscious mind, linguistics, nonverbal communication, and a bunch of other really cool stuff.

The Bar Straight Jacket Show!  Fantastic title, by the way.  Should I safely assume this gets `asked for` quite a bit? 

This show is awesome for the adult nightlife crowd at a bar, on top of the bar, resorts, cruise-ships.  It is just a whole lot of fun.  It is not a very long show and perfect for the attention span of the drinking crowd, and I always tailor the content for each audience.

What is in the `works` for future shows and/or illusions? 

I have a few things in mind.  Stay tuned


And, finally, I ask the short questions that readers are absolutely drawn to that James Lipton made famous:

Other than your own profession, what profession would you like to try?

Airline Pilot, Chef, Private Eye.

What profession would you never like to try?  Doctor.

What is your favorite word?  Corridor.

What is your least favorite word?  Demi-glace. (Why so evil?? ooo Demi).

When you arrive at the Pearly Gates, what would you like God to say?  Hello there.

With every word Jason Escape utters, and every illusion he performs, he unleashes his ability to awe and inspire crowds across the globe.

I, as well as all readers and fans, look forward to watching Jason Escape`s reality show come to the airwaves.  THAT would finally give us something good to watch!

**Jason Escape performs throughout the season at Faneuil Hall Marketplace;

Join his Twitter site via @jasonescape, or visit