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Published:April 28th, 2011 00:27 EST
Why is the iPhone So Alluring?

Why is the iPhone So Alluring?

By Donna Cavanagh

My daughter is considering getting an iPhone. She has a Blackberry but alas, the Blackberry does not have the apps for the games she likes to play. To satisfy her game hunger, she has been stealing my husband`s iTouch which drives him crazy because he likes to keep that gadget with him during the day. Before I go any further, it`s important for me to explain that my husband did not purchase the iTouch.  He won it as a door prize at some engineering conference in California. The need to explain this will become clear shortly.
In order to gain technology peace in my home, I suggested that my daughter take one of the upgrades that we have with AT&T and get the iPhone that they have on special for $49.  While it`s not the newest model, I heard it offered apps for all her games.  I considered this a win-win situation for everyone. My husband disagreed. 

"She just got her Blackberry a few months ago. Now, she needs a new phone?"

"Yes, but if she gets the iPhone, I can take her Blackberry; or better yet, you can take her Blackberry and then get rid of your ancient flip phone"

I knew this was a stupid comment from the moment it left my lips.  Engineers do not need new phones and they certainly do not want smart phones. No, they can design them, love them from afar but they do not purchase them.  They want phones for calls and texting and that`s all. They see no logic in having redundant technology equipment. They have computers. That is good enough. They do not need to be in constant contact with people 24 hours a day. That is not what engineers are about. 

 I am not making this up. Ask any computer, software or electrical engineer or whatever the hell they are called nowadays and they will tell you that the smart phones are not on their wish list. My husband polled the other engineers where he works-- engineers from all backgrounds and cultures--and they all agreed that what they will not buy a smart phone.  I have personally asked other engineers throughout the country their opinion of these phones that the rest of us drool over, and it is the same as that of my husband and his colleagues.

They do not see the value in them and if there is anything that is important to engineers, it is value.  Engineers like to make the best with the least amount of resources. Blah, blah, blah. Having been married to an engineer for more than 20 years, I can give you the value speech word for word. It is the same speech I hear when he tries to explain why he cannot buy me jewelry.  

However, knowing the speech and believing it are two different things.  An engineer may live in our house, but that house also includes two women and two female dogs.  His testosterone is toast here.  Logic and practicality do not live at our address. I guess that is why he enjoys work so much. He can be with his own kind. 

So, I have convinced him on the upgrade. Well, technically I wore him down, and I will take the Blackberry. In truth, he is happy about that because my phone has no back cover anymore and the battery is kept secure by duct tape.  My daughter`s role in this new phone exchange thing is that she has to pay for her data plan which I think is fair because her salary is now more than mine. I have not made her chip in for cell phone service yet as I am trying to help her save money. 

Am I happy about this upward move in technology?  Absolutely. For years, I would pretend to go along with my husband on this no smart phone thing, but I have fantasized about having a phone that lets me check in on Twitter and Facebook.  I know engineers everywhere are wincing at the thought of social media being that important to me, but guess what, Einsteins, it is!  I like to talk to people about absolutely nothing.  I`m sorry if I have offended engineers everywhere, but come on, isn`t there just a little teeny part of you who wants a smart phone?  Oh screw it.  I don`t care if you buy smart phones or not. The important thing is that you keep making them.