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Published:April 28th, 2011 09:26 EST

LOL! 'Goddess' Bree Olson Dumps 'Rock Star' Charlie Sheen Via Text Message

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On Saturday night, he (Charlie Sheen) revealed startling news about his love life to a crowd in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (many of whom reportedly scored tickets after Sheen offered them free on Twitter), confessing that he was down to just one "goddess," because porn star Bree Olson left him.


And she dumped him via text message, according to During a Q&A segment, an audience member reportedly asked the fired `Two and Half Men` star how he and his two `goddesses` were doing. The actor replied, `Not well, because one left.` Sheen also admitted that Olson informed him in a text."

Charlie Sheen humbly refers to himself as a "rock star from Mars", but a more apt description would a "rock star from Uranus."

Sheen`s chaotic and undisciplined lifestyle has had devastating consequences, he`s lost custody of his children and he has been booted from his hit sit-com. Now one of his goddesses (read: skanky porn star) has kicked him to the curb via text message.

Sheen has been reduced to a parody of himself as he travels across the country on his "Torpedo of Truth" tour. On his one-man show Sheen reveals his insecurities and paranoia to an audience who views him as a a freak in a sideshow.

Boys and girls this is what drugs and booze will do to you. Don`t be fooled by the nutty talk of Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA, you don`t want to do drugs and wind up like Charlie Sheen.

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