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Published:April 30th, 2011 13:05 EST

Enquirer: Sarah Palin Furious At Bristol Palin For Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bristol Palin has reportedly banned her mother Sarah from her new house in Maricopa because she is too controlling - and too conservative.

The 20-year-old has become increasingly liberal since her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, and is said to have had a huge row with Mrs Palin when she announced she was considering supporting gay marriage.


According to the National Enquirer, she has told her mother to stay out of her house until she accepts her new views - which Mrs Palin is worried could harm her own political ambitions."

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Now we now why Bristol Palin moved to Arizona, to get away from the corrosive influence of her mother.

DWTS exposed Bristol to many homosexuals who work on the show, and she`s come to the realization that gays and lesbians are just like everybody else. Let`s hope that Bristol will continue to work in Hollywood, so that she will be exposed to even more brilliant and creative gays who are responsible for our favorite TV shows. I don`t mean to imply that everyone in Hollywood is gay, but certainly Bristol will be exposed to more avowed gays in Hollywood than in Wasilla.

Bristol hasn`t had much luck with men, I hope she won`t rule out women as potential mates. It would be wonderful if Bristol fell in love with a woman, and she became a crusader for gay and lesbian rights. I know that would be a nightmare scenario for Sarah Palin, but it would be a dream come true for everyone who believes in human rights.

Bristol, please let the world know that you support same-sex marriage!

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